For Lovers Of Chemical, Digital Interfaces With Amateur K1EL Is Popular WinKey

The heart of Ham Radio type of Deluxe rig quick control provides a customizable interface your amateur transceiver interface control via an integrated computer aided control. Rig Control you can organize buttons, DX sliders, pop-up menus to change the radio options, select the modes and filters and control different level inputs parameters on the computer screen. HRD ECUs resulting in a modern platform buried menu functions, making it easy for you to optimize your platform with a few mouse clicks.

Rig control functions used control computer in the manufacturer of your radio integrated. By using the interface cable, Rig Control system of the amateur radio to take to make the most of its features. It also provides the interface to other Ham Radio Deluxe modules with radio frequency and mode information directly in your logbook to communicate your radio while exciting digital modes and the Doppler shift automatically adjust birds while working.

Log DX is a complete stroke. From a robust database engine, Ham Radio Deluxe Journal screams comfort. Packed with features, Logbook is the perfect accessory cabin all, beginners rag chewer of the most successful paper-hanger. Keep track of all the important contact information with the click of a mouse. Find the name, QTH, and other important information about your contacts using a variety of sources online and offline. Interface with the popular base callsign (subscription required), a free consultation service, or CD HRD indicative SAM (sold separately).

Logbook also interacts with the DX-Cluster Server to observe rare spider. Points bandmap function shown graphically with up to 10 strips at a time in a tape. With one click, you swing your beam from the DX station. Once you have the rare DX boards, integration with Trusted QSL lifts the log of the world in an instant! Download LoTW which is so simple. In fact, log interfaces with many popular electronic logbook services including eQSL, and ClubLog. Book also tracks many popular prices. Logbook is packed with features!

Maestro Digital (formerly DM-780)

Digital Master, formerly known as DM-780 is the communications package for general use with integrated radio equipment TNT luxury suite. Digital master interface uses the computer’s sound card and the radio link to provide a wide range of communication possibilities with the ham radio.


Digital Master is capable of a wide range of digital modes, including CW, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31, MT-63, and more.

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