Fred Up Of Love: Trending In The Town Right Now!

The highest downloaded mobile apps are of gaming, in comparison to other applications. Though the competition in the gaming industry is fierce, there are few gaming apps that becomes widely popular in a short span of time due to its creative concepts and high resolution graphics. Such qualities attract the smart phone users to a new game in no time.

Fred Up Of Love: Trending In The Town Right Now!

The developers of Ingic, launched a new game called ‘Fred up of Love’ that comprise of impeccable features and high resolution graphics that are based on an innovative concept, which has gained immense popularity in the past few days.

Fred Up Of Love: Trending In The Town Right Now!

According to the statistics of an authentic source, downloading of ‘Fred up of Love’ has been increased to a significant amount, since its launch. Keeping in mind the popularity of this game, there are fair chances that this game can break multiple records in the future.

Success After the launch:

Fred up of Love gained numerous downloads since day one, most of the attention was observed from the youngsters, which were the developer’s targeted audience. Currently, the game has reached a remarkable rating of 4.5. This calls for the fact that the game has received undeniably likeness by its audience. Though, the theme of the game was directly associated with Valentine’s Day, the game is still trending even after that particular occasion.

The Idea Behind:

The main idea for developing Fred of Love was to introduce an altered side Valentine’s Day, which is also one of the reasons of the rising popularity of the game. Unlike the valentine ritual, the boy named ‘Fred’ is not running after girls, in fact, it is a game of chasing donuts and cola. On the other hand, pretty girls chase the hero ‘Fred’, which makes the game all the more attention-grabbing. Hence, this game excites not only the guys that are single, but also the ones that are in a relationship, yet like the idea of being chased by girls!

User’s Feedback:

Universally, the audience loved the concept of ‘Fred up of Love’. The game has the tendency to keep the audience engaged for an extended period of time. Its excellent graphics and different features allows the users to remain captivated. The users specifically gave a thumbs up to the developers, relating to the element where the hero of the game gets the power of a magnet that attracts the donuts automatically.

Fred Up Of Love: Trending In The Town Right Now!

Download the game now and play it yourself to find out more about ‘Fred up of Love’ and enjoy the chase.

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