Fundamentals In A Workspace

Fundamentals In A Workspace

India is a booming economy, we rank 6th in the world in terms of annual GDP and are the second fastest growing country in the world. This tremendous growth is fuelled by a strong and youthful workforce, filled new ideas and innovations. These ingenious workers of today don’t just follow their bosses’ wishes blindly but they instead rebut and make their own paths. This notion of being your own boss and finding the groove to which they are far more suited has helped nourish a start-up culture in India. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have thousands of start-ups and each with their own novel idea, which has the potential to change the world.

What do Workplaces Need?

For these small companies to flourish, one very important need is a workspace. Start-ups need a place where they can let their ideas flow freely, and modern and simplistic workspaces are the way to go. There are places that have many amenities such as, conference rooms, corner offices and much more. Some requirements, however, may be very plain and just what a room full of bright people need. Some of these essentials for a workspace are:

  •    High-speed internet: For engineers, and business to flow with ease a high-speed internet speed is very crucial. Today most of the execution of many ideas is done online, whether it is coordination between team members or developing new ideas from scratch.
  •    Break room: A well-stocked break room is very important, whether it is the availability of snacks, hot or cold beverages, a refrigerator or a microwave to store your food in. When working for long hours, eating and keeping one hydrated can be very important.
  •    Cafeteria: For more ease of mind and easier work, a cafeteria can be the perfect addition to a workspace. Employees can eat different varieties of food available in the canteen and it can be a good thing, as appetites can become dull over the years due to high stress.
  •    Office essentials: Printers, scanners and stationary are all important hallmarks in a company; even start-ups need to have hard copies of contracts and documents to distribute to employees. Having these can make it easy to get work done and compile documents.
  •    Lockers: Some workspaces encourage working in a casual dress code. They believe that wearing comfortable and loose clothing can help employees retain focus on their work. However, when there are important meetings or conferences, one may need to wear formal attire. A locker room for employees to store such clothing can be very helpful in times like that.

A lot of office spaces in New Delhi offer all these features at a reasonable price. These places also don’t necessarily have to be on the outskirts of the city, one can easily find a furnished office in Sohna Road Gurgaon, MG Road Gurgaon and many other places. The lease on these places usually lasts for 10 odd years, and it is a very good option for growing companies who may need to expand and get more space in the future.  

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