Furniture Movers and their Profession

Surely they do move furniture but this is just a small part of their overall job description. Moving and storage companies employ most of the furniture movers. This means that they deal with the home’s and office’s furniture, boxes, and various appliances. Some furniture movers may be self-employed and also hire out to come to a home to transfer individual things like moving a large piece of furniture from one floor to another floor and arranging the furniture in the floors as per plans. When the furniture movers’ work for a company, the biggest percentage of their job primarily revolves around the inventory, packing, loading, moving everything to the new residence, and then the unloading of the items there.

It is not a very simple and easy job to be done. In fact, it is a very tough job. There are lot of heavy lifting, being on your feet most of the time, stress that you will undertake in the appointed time to move the household items and to be punctual at the new address, stretching and reaching. You should also be physically fit and have the right stamina to handle this strenuous job.

If the homeowner has packed all the boxes, the furniture movers will go through your house and then put numbered stickers on each of the boxes that are packed, each of the pieces of the furniture, and the appliances as well. Next, they will also write these numbers on an inventory sheet along with the corresponding item that are associated with that particular number. The customer then gets a copy and the furniture movers will keep the other. It is the job of the customer to look over the list to ensure that everything is absolutely correct and then signs the inventory list. If the homeowner wants to pay extra for the particular service of moving the furniture, the furniture movers can also pack those boxes.

Any items that could be anyhow scratched or scraped will be wrapped with the thick blankets around them in order to protect it from any harm. All of the items are strapped and tied securely in the truck which is used for their transit. This is so they do not jostle around in the course of transit. One of the furniture movers like Quality Installers will certainly be the truck driver that will take all your household items to your new home or apartment in the safest way possible. Once at the new residence the furniture movers will carefully unload the truck and take everything into your new residence very safely. Some of the movers will take a few extra minutes and put all the boxes in the right rooms as per the inputs and convenience of the client. Once everything is completely unloaded, the movers and customer cross off their inventory list the items as they are taken off the truck to ensure that everything has arrived and are in absolutely good condition.

Working as the furniture movers does not require a college degree but you should have your high school diploma for sure. One should be able to lift at least twenty-five to fifty pounds on their own. You will also have to get your CDL license so you can legally drive the companies moving trucks and vans.

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