Get A Better Booty For Men

These days, a firm and round backside is something that’s seen as being sexy and desirable, and it’s not just for women. Even though Kim Kardashian has every girl in the world doing squats to catch up to her pert and large derriere, guys too don’t want to be stuck with a pancake behind. After all, a nice round butt on a man is something that both women seeking men and men seeking men tend to like. Although some guys really do have a flat butt, others just don’t wear well-fitting clothes, making it look worse. If you’re a guy looking for a rounder behind, read these top tips , you need to change your lifestyle.

Change Your Posture

Changing your posture is one of the easiest ways to enhance your shape immediately. Standing straight, with your back arched and your shoulders back is the way to go to ensure that your backside is more pronounced. It’s also good for fixing bad posture, which can lead to all sorts of problems. If you have bad posture that you’re struggling to get out of the habit of, you might want to think about investing in posture correcting garments that will help you to stand up tall.

Do Squats and Other Butt-Enhancing Exercises

One of the best ways to naturally enhance your bum and make it last is to do exercises such as squats, lunges, and leg raises. This is one of the best ways to build your glute muscles, resulting in a rounder and firmer backside. You’ll also tone up your thighs and lower abs, making for a better figure all round. Although you see many guys in the gym doing these exercises with free weights, if you’ve never done them before it’s best to start off doing them with just your body weight. Don’t forget to eat healthily as well in order to see the best results.

Gain Healthy Weight

If your butt is looking a bit flat because you are rather skinny, you will be able to make it bigger by simply gaining some healthy weight. However, don’t get too excited – healthy weight isn’t gained by eating as much pizza as you’d like! Instead, start eating a diet with more protein included, and you might like to try ‘weight gainer’ protein shakes, which are specifically designed for guys and girls looking to put on a bit of weight. Combine this with your exercises and you’ll tone up as well.


It’s not just girls who can buy underwear that lifts and enhances their butt – it’s available out there for guys as well. Mens enhancement underwear is available from many online stores, and although it won’t make your actual butt any bigger, it’s a good quick fix for if you need to go somewhere and want to look better. You can get underwear that is naturally designed to lift your butt and is made of a spanx-like material, or you can even buy padded underwear to make your backside look larger.

Wear Hip-Hugging Jeans

The jeans and trousers that you wear could be what is contributing to the fact that your butt is looking flat. If your backside looks flatter when you’re wearing clothes than when you are not, it’s definitely an issue with what you are wearing. Opting for hip-hugging jeans and jeans with a tighter fit is a good way to fix this and make sure that you have a flattering shape.

Cosmetic Surgery

Although this is a massive decision to make, if all else fails you may wish to try cosmetic surgery. This is also a good option for guys who have lost a lot of weight and feel that their bum is looking flat due to saggy extra skin. There are a range of procedures to be had when it comes to butt-enhancing plastic surgery, including fillers and implants. Many plastic surgeons can perform these procedures, or even perform a fat transplant where fat is taken from another part of your body and inserted into the buttocks.

Dietary Supplements

Although it’s not known whether or not they work well, there are a number of dietary supplements on the market which claim to target your glute muscles and help to enhance your butt. These may well be gimmicks, but you may like to try them alongside exercise and a healthy diet to see if they work for you.

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