Get Creative With Metal In Your Woodworking Projects

Get Creative With Metal In Your Woodworking Projects

There are many reasons people get involved in woodworking. It may be something they find relaxing as they go out into the shop and start creating some sawdust. For others, it may be a way to supplement the income by making items for venues like craft fairs. Some may just want something homemade to go with the décor. Whether you are making a product from wood or purchasing one, you can put a different twist on things by incorporating metal components on wood products in strategic places. One such use involves metal corners. Companies like CSI Industries have a broad selection of these products for just about any application you can imagine. Browsing through the product brochure can spark some ideas that you might not have thought about otherwise. This may be a way to give your woodworking project a special touch that makes it stand out from the rest.

Metal components can be added to wood for two primary reasons: appearance and functionality. Sometimes, the same component can help with both. For example, if you look at an antique wooden chest, you may find that corner pieces have been placed on it. The designs of these parts help to give them a nostalgic appearance. However, it is more likely that these components were originally put on the chest for functional reasons. When used on the corners, they help to protect it against damage as it is moved from place to place. Many of these chests would be quite heavy when filled with goods. Bumping into something could cause damage if it were not for the protective pieces. These metal components also serve the purpose of adding stability to the unit.

When choosing a metal component for your project, you might want to think about where that component is going. If it is going on an interior corner that no one will ever see, you don’t need to worry so much about how it will look. Instead, you can choose the corner piece that is the strongest in order to maximize the stability of your creation. If you are putting corner pieces on the outside corners, you will want to look primarily at the appearance. A component made from thinner metal will likely work better in these places. This will give the desired appearance while still providing adequate protection from minor impacts that may otherwise causes nicks and scratches. Whenever you are working with wood, don’t be trapped into thinking that there is no place for metal. Adding some metal pieces here and there can give your item a whole different look.

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