Getting Rid Of Gum

Chewing gum waste is a problem which occurs in many areas all over the country, and not only does it look unappealing but it is also very unwelcoming to everyone. It can occur for a number of reasons such as lack of public bins or laziness so people decide to dispose of their chewing gum on the floor and public surfaces. There are few ways of successfully removing chewing gum from these areas without spending time and money, however it is essential for keeping public areas looking clean. The most successful method of removal is using a chewing gum removal machine which can either be hired or bought for regular use if it is an occurring problem.

The best machine for getting rid of improperly disposed of chewing gum is the gum-grafter chewing gum removal machine from Go Gum Ltd which not only removes gum from outside public surfaces but can be used indoors too. The machine has an 8 bar pressure steam boiler incorporated with an integral chemical delivery system and uses a steam cleaning process for removing chewing gum. It is ideally suited for large areas of chewing gum removal, and it comes complete with a trolley and a full set of tools ready for use. Getting rid of gum has never been easier!

Another option for you if you are not looking to invest in your own chewing gum removal machine is to hire a street cleansing team. They offer a wide range of services for successful street cleaning from pavement cleansing to the anti chewing gum pave-saver – a floor protection which makes chewing gum removal easy. Using their surface cleansing technology, they can help to clean pedestrian areas, playgrounds, car parks, pavements and many more public spaces which need recovering in the most environmentally friendly way. So whatever you choose to do and which method you think will suit your streets the most, do something about your chewing gum problem today and make your streets look more inviting.

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