Give Your Passion A Little Bit More Attention by Going For Les Baer 1911 Pistols

If you are looking for a firearm that is designed with performance in mind, if you are looking for a pistol that combines both power and style resulting in a unique and custom weapon which you will be able to use with confidence. Then you should definitely go for a company like Les Baer. When it comes to offering high level quality and style companies like Les Baer are the perfect which has left a mark in the industry. Omaha Outdoors, one of the best online dealers of firearms has Les Baer 1911 pistols and rifles for sale. They offer you the best service and the quickest shipping. They are dedicated to their service of providing high quality fire arms.

  • Les Baer 1911 Premier II review

Unlike many gunsmiths, Les Baer provides custom precision in a production system which is achieved by treating each individual handgun separately and by not assembling them. Each gun part which is fitted precisely to that gun gives a matching serial number. Gunsmith specialising in the 1911 platform fit and tune each part of that particular frame. There is a DVD that comes with each pistol showing the production method that has been used. The 1911 handgun guarantees to shoot 3” groups at 50 yards.

  • Material used

Chrome moly steel which is an ultra high strength metal with a tensile strength of up to 180,000 psi has been used to make the frame, barrel and slide. Double serrated slide and beveled magazine well is used. The metal parts have been given a blued finish. The rear sight comprises of a hidden leaf, and is LCB adjustable. The facade is dovetailed. A deluxe commander hammer, sear and a beavertail hold for protection with pad are provided by Baer. With a crisp of 4 pound pull the trigger is a custom Baer speed trigger. One of the main problems of 1911s is misdeeds and improper ejection thus a great deal of design considerations and gun smithing work for preventing jams has been put by Baer. The feed ramp is polished and the barrel is throated which provides trouble free feeding. 5” and 6” barrels are available in the Les Baer Premier II.

Although these pistols can be seen in the IPSC Limited Class matches, but it is not just a competition handgun. The pistol is so accurate that it can be used for home defence or as a carry pistol. It represents the best of American handgun tradition and is the most advance gun smithing that is available.

Only a person having serious inclinations towards shooting understands the difference that can be made by a custom firearm in his shooting performance. If you need a weapon that will really keep up with you then you should definitely buy Les Baer 1911. Omaha is an authorised dealer promises to stock up on the widest possible selection of their products.

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