Go Through The Express Entry Points Prediction In Order To Increase The Chances Of Getting Approved


We all know that Canada is best known as one of the most hospitable nations all around the world. Most of its cities are filled with high standards of tradition and culture and at the same time it is recognised for its ethnic diversity. Do you have any sort of idea why it is rich in diversity and culture?  It is neither a miracle nor a coincidence rather it is the result of deliberate efforts made by the people and authorities of that nation. The policy makers and officials of Canada have strong belief on inclusion and diversity. That is the main reason that the Canadian authorities have expected to welcome around one million fresh and new immigrants in next twelve years. And for this purpose, Canadian government has introduced system of express entry. It is open to everyone and the applicants can check the status of their application under express entry next draw prediction.

First understand what this system is:

This is a system that has been established to invite thousands of immigrants to Canada every year and this system is responsible for accepting and processing the various applications received for acquiring the status of permanent residence. There are total three programs running under this system. These programs are mentioned below:

  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Federal skilled worker
  • Canadian experience class

Above three programs targets on those applicants who have job experience in companies of skilled trade, who have high level proficiency of English and French language, and who have experience of at least one year in country of Canada respectively.

Pre-requisites of Express entry system:

The applicants are required to fulfil following bunch of requirements in order to qualify under this program:

  • The applicants must be 18 years of age or above.
  • One should possess required qualifications in order to immigrate.
  • People should score minimum points in the ability test of language if they want to qualify.
  • The applicants must possess minimum work experience of one year.
  • The applicants having valid offer of job, they will definitely get priority over others.

The express entry points prediction is also issued on monthly basis which helps the applicants to get the idea of their selection that is, it predicts the points up to which candidates will be invited in Canada to go through the further processes of getting the certificate of permanent resident of Canada. If people are have attained that much points which enable their selection they can follow following steps in order to enhance their score:

  • Increase scores in language
  • In case your spouse has scored higher then switch the primary candidate

This system is based on merits that is, those candidates will be given preference that have best credentials of academics and experience. The draws for attracting immigrants from all over the world are made at the regular interval of fifteen days.

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