Good Reasons Why You Really Need A Vision Board In Your Life!

Good Reasons Why You Really Need A Vision Board In Your Life!

Get away from the daily hustle of your busy life and take a break, breathe for a minute and ask yourself a simple question – Are you heading in the direction where your heart wants you to go in life? Most probably, the first answer that will come to your mind is a big ‘No’. And mostly all of us are living our lives in a delusion that what we are doing in life is actually what is meant for us. Which is not the case! Happiness starts to evade us while we continue chasing the dreams of others claiming them to be our own. A vision board clears the path for achieving what you really want to achieve in your life. It brings out your innermost desires which you have stubbornly dodged all your life. But no more! Many influential people around the globe such as Oprah Winfrey, among many others, have credited maintaining a vision board as the main ingredient to their overwhelming success and you can too! But you need to start maintaining one to realize the true potential that it holds.

Vision board ideas are unlimited with this mobile app as it allows you to make heavy customization to your vision board by applying various themes or using images from google.

I, myself, prefer a virtual vision board to a physical one because it is less of a hassle. So, assuming that you have chosen the mode of our vision board, let’s start with how to begin with a vision board –

1. Visualize

The sole purpose of a vision board is to bring your innermost desires in your real life. Your vision board is worthless if you can not visualize what you want to achieve in your life. Set a time-frame, most probably a year, and set goals for yourself. Choose those goals which will give you the most joy when achieved. These are the type of goals your heart longs for! Find an image that goes well with your vision and place them on your vision board as your mind works better with images than just plain text.

2. Have a look at it everyday

After thinking out your visions, it’s equally important to align your life with them. Make the necessary adjustments in your life that will take you closer to those goals. If you find yourself deviating, which you most probably will from time to time, correct yourself everyday by having a glimpse of your vision board day in and day out!

3. Change

The goals you first visualized for your vision board may seem irrelevant over time, don’t worry! Keep your vision board updated and weed out those goals which you think are no longer necessary to achieve. Keep changing and keep visualizing! That’s the key to bringing your dreams to life!

While you can create a shiny vision board of your own easily with your own pictures and keep it in your office cubicle or at your home, you also can download a visual board mobile app like ‘Subliminal Vision Boards’ and create a vision board of your own with the touch of your fingertips.

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