Guidelines To Purchase And Install Solar Panels At Your Residence

Solar power is one of the best alternatives for non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels, when it comes to electricity generation. To harness this power in a rightful manner, one should consider some important aspects such as its roof and amount of energy used. This way, you will be able to decide if solar power is a suitable choice for you or not. You can easily get free customized quotes and make some energy savings, which will last for 2 – 3 decades.

General procedure of purchase and installation

First of all, you need to sign a personalized agreement that will assist you in securing the costs of your solar power for the following 2 – 3 decades. Your agreement will be decided on the basis of your financial options.

On no account, hidden fees exist within the agreement. What’s more is that, there will be lots of warranties and sureties provided with the products, i.e., solar panels. The hired firm will then send a team of its professional site surveyors to examine your house roof, so that necessary measurements can be taken.

When the task of recording roof measurements is completed, the firm will introduce its expert engineers into the process. This will result in the creation of a proficient and flawless design of solar San Jose, which meets all of your energy requirements and suits the dimensions of your house.

Steps involved in the process

The steps involved in the process of purchase and installation of new solar panels at one’s house are discussed below:

  • After going through various meetings with a company and making your decision to purchase, you have to take care of paperwork. Don’t forget to ask for cost estimates and amenities first. The procedure of completing paperwork is easy and quick, but if you have decided to take a loan, it might take some more time to finish.
  • When site surveyors will come to inspect your house and its roof, there will be possibilities for different improvements and changes. It’s highly essential for those engineers to collect information on your house, its utility connections, age of your house and its wirings.
  • There might also be negotiations and lots of waiting involved in this process, after you sign the necessary papers. Its speed depends upon the choice of the homeowner.
  • Next, you have to submit your permit request, along with important information, to the right department of the installation company. After this, your permit will be approved and its time depends upon the functioning ways of different regions.


After acquiring permits approval, all you have to do is to schedule the date of actual installation. The installation time greatly depends upon the size of solar panels and you have to make sure that you are aware of the outcomes. In case, there are any changes in the schedule, you should ask your service provider to notify you immediately.

The last step is inspection, which is carried out by your utility company for the sake of jurisdiction. This will certify that the whole process was carried out aptly and smoothly. After getting confirmation, your meter will be changed. Hence, you can turn on your solar power for producing an affordable and clean energy, without any hesitation.

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