Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season

Thinking of getting a new haircut this season? Well, the time to do that is now with some new cuts, styles and colours. Here is a list of the trendiest hairstyles this season that are low on maintenance but will surely grab eyeballs, and make you the centre of attention.

Blunt Bob

This age-old cut is now flaunted by various celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. Not only does this cut keep you cool during the summer but it is also a fashion statement. It gives a strong shape to your hair which looks pretty bold. You can give it a beachy look by clubbing it with some sunny ombre highlights and a glossy finish. This universally flattering hairstyle is so easy to manage and totally low maintenance.

Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season

Bang for the Buck

Blunt, straight across bangs look gorgeous on oval faces. They are packed with attitude and heavy fringes also add volume to your hair. Bangs also enhance your cheekbones in a majorly flattering way. Worried about maintaining them? They’ll grow out flawlessly into your hair even if you don’t keep trimming them regularly. To accessorize your look, you could try hair barrettes and coloured bobby pins to accent your bangs. You could also pull them to one side or part them from the middle.

Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season

Pastel Hues

With more and more people experimenting with their hair, a splash of colour actually looks quite funky. A lot of people are seen donning summery shades such as silvery lilacs, rose gold, coral and other pastel shades. Time to ditch the routine and experiment with your tresses a little.

Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season

Pun and Frolic

This very basic hairstyle is now an official style statement. This ponytail/bun hybrid is both sophisticated and chic. It is essentially a bun with some of the hair left loose below to form a mini ponytail. These can be made textured and messy and accessorised with neon hair bands and clips. This very fresh and casual style is perfect for the season!

Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season

Sleek Ponytails

Perfectly straight hair is the gift of god, but you need to make sure that it doesn’t look limp or lank. It can very easily look boring. The look trending this season is a low, sleek ponytail. This style looks great simply but you could accessorise it with ribbons or matching earrings. A pretty easy one, but if done correctly, this hairstyle can make heads turn. More ideas of hairstyle here.

Hair and Now: Trending Hairstyles This season


Cute and gorgeous plaits and braids are everywhere this season. Be it the classic French plait or fish plaits, messy braids or thin glossy ones, they are just too adorable. You’ve known the three strand braid right from when you were three but the number of braids and plaits you can actually make is unbelievable. This old-school chic hairstyle works well with any type of hair. Go find some good salons and get yourself a brilliant hairstyle!

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