Have You Considered Joining A Corporate Dental Practice?

Have You Considered Joining A Corporate Dental Practice?

Trawling the dental jobs boards for a new job can be an arduous task. We may be searching for the perfect job by working for a small independent local dental office, but you may not have considered joining a large corporate dental practice. We recognize that not every dentist will want to take this route, but we thought we would take a look at the advantages of doing so if you did want to take this route.

Admin Reduced

Administrative tasks that would form a large part of your day are normally outsourced to an external management company. Such tasks that are commonly outsourced include compliance and billing, as well as payroll – even patient scheduling in some cases. This allows you as the dentist to focus your time and efforts on treating your patients.

Better Pay and Benefits

As a corporate dental practice dentist, you will most certainly receive a consistent monthly wage. For example, it will not be dependent on how many patients you treat. You will receive the same amount every month, which will allow you to plan your finances rather than wondering whether you will earn enough to make a living each month. Corporate dental practices often have a very good initial salary, with some quite lucrative benefits, so make sure you do your research on what is on offer.

Have You Considered Joining A Corporate Dental Practice?

Achieve an Excellent Work-Life Balance

When you decide to join a corporate dental practice, it is likely you will have regular hours. This means you can put your social life first, as you organize your day around your hours.

Great Insurance

Corporate practices are able to organize insurance that independent practices will not have access to. This could therefore mean that corporate practices will be able to attract more patients for treatment.

Part of a Brand Makes You More Employable

If you plan to advance your career in the future by moving job, your new employer will quickly recognize you have good experience, if you have previously worked for a large corporate practice. As they know they take their time to find the best candidates. This may not be possible if you have worked with a smaller practice.

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