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Hazmat Boxes To Ship Hazardous Items by Meeting Legislative Compliance

While planning to ship any hazardous items through a parcel service, you need to ensure at the first point that all the legislation compliance is met to ensure proper and safe packaging. This is where the relevance of hazmat boxes comes.

 In order to do hazardous materials shipping of some specific items, you need to first check whether the parcel service providers has the license to ship these items and also has right vehicles to carry hazardous goods. Some examples of such high-risk hazardous materials include;

¨      Explosive materials.

¨      Parcels containing medical items.

¨      Low-level nuclear goods etc.

Items for Normal Shipping

However, it is reassuring fact that the list of such high-risk hazardous items are comparatively short and other general category items can be shipped through normal courier services. However, it may require very specialized packaging to contain hazardous materials in hazmat boxes.

Form some items, the outer box itself should be special and for some others, these materials can be packed in normal cardboard boxes, but should be in specialized container to hold the hazardous good inside the outer structure. For example, parcels with chemical samples should contain it in steel casing, which needed to be first packed in foam, and then in to a normal strong cardboard box.

However, while sending or receiving hazardous parcels, the users need to be aware of all specific legislation related to covering hazardous items in particularhazmat boxes. Additionally, all health and safety precautions needed to be taken while packing or unloading these.

The Containers

The packaging regulations and containers to be used for transporting hazardous materials are regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation and devised based on the recommendations from UN Subcommittee of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Hazmat Boxes

There are various types of hazmat boxes available in the market lately, which are commonly used for packing paint cans and hazardous waste. Some of the standard products are;

1) Foam packs with standard products as;

¨                  Heavy-duty gallon foam packs

¨                  Heavy duty 5-gallon foam pack

¨                  Heavy duty F-style gallon foam packs

¨                  Heavy duty 1/1-quart foam packs

¨                  Heavy duty 2,4, and 6-quart foam packs

¨                  Heavy duty pint foam packs

¨                  Heavy duty 1/2 pint foam packs

2) Corrugated Packs

¨                  Corrugated quart shipper box

¨                  Corrugated 5-gallon shipper box

¨                  Corrugated gallon shipper box

3) Catalyst kit shipper for A & B parts

¨                  1/1 gallon + 1/1 quart paint can corrugated shipper

¨                  2/1 gallon + 2/1 quart paint can corrugated shipper

¨                  4/1 gallon + 4/1 quart paint can corrugated shipper

4) Corrugated F-style gallon shipper

¨                  1/1 F-style gallon corrugated shipper

¨                  2/1 F-style gallon corrugated shipper

¨                  4/1 F-style gallon corrugated shipper

5) Gallon round plastic jug pack

¨                  1/1 gallon plastic jug pack shipper

¨                  2/1 gallon plastic jug pack shipper

¨                  4/1 gallon plastic jug pack shipper

All these hazmat boxes are manufactured by adhering to the UN specifications by ensuring that the materials kept inside are safe and secure without any chance of seepage or leakage during transportation.

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