Heated Windscreen Wiper or Heated Screen?

Living in a colder part of the country means that you will need to deal with the cold winter evenings.  In general this can be an excellent opportunity to snuggle in for an evening with your loved one.  However, no matter where you live there will be times when you need to go out.  When you consider exiting the building you may find yourself facing extremely cold weather.  If you are taking a vehicle then the first thing you will probably need to do is clean the screen of ice.

This can be frustrating, your fingers tend to go cold and precious time is taken up whilst you scrape the ice off the windscreen so that you can see where you are going.  Fortunately there is another solution, you can use the heated windscreen wiper from Crystal Clear Blades, or, your vehicle may already have a heated front screen fitted.  If you need to scrape your screen you will find that many people scrape just enough to see in front of them; not realizing that this is dangerous as you cannot see properly.

Advantages of Heated Windscreen Wiper

The heated windscreen wiper heats itself up almost instantly.  It will reach temperatures of 65C; this is sufficient to ensure the blade does not freeze itself.  The heated wiper blade will then move across the screen melting the ice in the process.  Within moments your screen will be clear and you will be ready to go!

The main advantage of a heated windscreen wiper is the fact that you can turn in on and sit in the relative warmth of your vehicle whilst waiting for the screen to clear.  You will be able to see the ice being melted as your super blade moves over it.  The blade is contoured to match the screen; ensuring that the screen is kept clean and the blade does not become damaged from moving across any remains of ice.

Advantages of Heated Screen

There are many vehicles which do not have heated screens.  If you are fortunate enough to find one then you can switch it on!  The screen is covered in lines; electricity runs through these lines, the heat residue builds and melts the ice; in the same way that the back windscreen is generally defrosted.  

This is a simple and effective solution.  You can jump into your car, start the engine and then turn on the heated screen.  It will take just under half a minute for enough charge to be generated to start melting the ice.  The entire process will take no more than two or three minutes and you are then ready to drive off.

Having a heated screen retro fitted to a vehicle is possible but may be a difficult and time consuming task.  Instead, you can easily add a heated windscreen wiper.  In fact, the store you purchase the heated wiper blade from will fit this for you and you simply need to operate the wiper controls as usual.  As a retrofit option this one is difficult to beat!

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