Heating Oil Provides Fuel For Thought In The Wintertime

People all over the world can see the advantage of using oil for heating and cooking, as oil is not carcinogenic like other kinds of heating fuel. In fact, oil heat is the safest and most effective way to heat a business or home.

A Safe and Dependable Fuel

Oil is a stable and non-explosive product that addresses the safety worries that surround other kinds of fuels. This kind of efficiency is brought about by a high BTU, which makes the use of oil very safe. Compared to propane, natural gas, or electricity, oil is the preferred choice with respect to safety and dependability.

When oil is used in modern oil heating systems, the efficiency rating is around 90%. Therefore, oil provides you with an optimised heating solution. For every dollar that is spent on heating oil, around 90 cents of hot water and heat is provided for use. Needless to say, using oil is the best choice when it comes to maximising usage. As a result, the yearly heating costs for oil are regularly lower than when electricity or natural gas is used.

When you obtain cheap home heating oil from Emo in Northern Ireland, for example, you actually are releasing a savings in overall fuel costs. Research shows that the flame produced by heating oil burns much hotter than natural gas as well. As a result, the home environment and the water are heated more rapidly. Whilst oil, electric heat, and natural gas are all backed by commendable safety records, oil is still the safest heating alternative.

Why Oil Is Safer

A leak of oil in a supply line, for instance, will not lead to an explosion. A match that is dropped into oil simply goes out. However, a match dropped into natural gas or propane can result in much harm and injury. That is because oil, in its liquid state, will not burn. If a lit match is dropped into a bucket of oil, the match is extinguished. In its liquid form, oil is well below the temperature flash point for burning, which is 60 degrees Celsius. Natural gas, on the other hand, when mixed with air, will immediately explode if a match is lit.

A Cost-Efficient Heating Source

It is good to know that your source of heating in the UK and Northern Ireland is not only cost-efficient but safe to use as well. You simply cannot make this kind of statement about other fuels that are used for heating and cooling throughout the world. That is why providers of oil in the UK and Northern Ireland make sure they provide premium service and delivery for their customers. Providers are trained to deliver oil in a safe and expeditious manner.

Oil turns homes in Northern Ireland into a cosy and comfortable environment – the kind of inviting homesteads often depicted in books and literature. Oil also makes a home a safer place to live – a fact that will give you some ‘fuel’ for thought on winter nights spent with friends and family.

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