Here’s How You Cockroach-Proof Your Home

Arm yourself with Mortein cockroach killer spray, and go after the cockroaches in your house. We tell you how it’s done.

They are the worst ever pests in the world, and nothing seems to work on them. You can call a pest control company, you can hurl slippers and shoes at them, you can try poisoning them – but cockroaches always have the last laugh, don’t they?

Well, it’s time to have the last laugh on them – because you can get rid of the cockroach infestation in your house with the cockroach spray. Just aim, spray, and sit back.

Why you need to get the roaches out

Cockroaches feed on rotting, raw and cooked food in equal measure. They thrive in the dirtiest environments – drains, septic tanks, gutters, sewage pipes, garbage dumps – and they nest inside human habitations, where they can easily find food and drink.

Since they normally come from dirty environments, they tend to contaminate the food and other surfaces they come in contact with. The dirtier the environment, the happier the cockroach – so the first step is to keep the house clean and free of dust and dirt. Make it a point to wipe all food spills at once, and to use a strong disinfectant when mopping the floors and kitchen surfaces.

The next step is to after the cockroaches where they nest in your house, and eliminate the roach colony thriving there.

Spot the nest

Cockroaches do not flit in and out of the house like mosquitoes and flies do. Instead, they find a warm, moist corner and build their nest. Soon, they lay eggs there and there are several more cockroaches where there used to be just a few. The babies grow up remarkably fast, and you can have a full blown infestation on your hands within days.

The best way to eliminate cockroaches from the house is to go after the nest. Follow the next cockroach you see with a can of cockroach spray. It will possibly have its nest under the kitchen sink or washbasin, behind the pipes in the bathroom, in boxes or under furniture.

You will always find cockroaches in the kitchen, feeding on exposed food, food spills and rotting garbage. Spray the roaches on sight and do not keep any food exposed/uncovered.

How to use cockroach spray

  • Cockroach spray has a useful long nozzle that reaches into the tiniest gaps and spaces where cockroaches reside. Shake the can a couple of times, open out the nozzle and spray the product directly into these gaps. The cockroaches will be killed on the spot. Directly spray those cockroaches that scuttle out.
  • Spray the nest liberally with the cockroach spray so that any hidden roaches and their babies are killed on the spot.
  • Dust away the dead cockroaches using a dustpan, and throw the bodies safely away in a disposable bag.
  • Stop further infestations – every night, spray the drain in your toilet and bathroom, as also the kitchen sink, with cockroach spray. This stops cockroaches lurking in the pipes from trying to enter the house. Following this regimen regularly for a month will eliminate the menace to a large extent.
  • Make it a point to seal all cavities in the plaster, skirting board and room corners with silicone glue. This also cuts off space for bugs and ants to nest in. Spray the area around it with cockroach killer spray to finish the job.

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