Here’s What These Valentine’s Day Flowers Actually Symbolize

You can’t think about Valentine’s Day without the presence of flowers – especially red roses. Flowers have always been the medium of expressing love, care, friendship; in fact a pool of emotions.

And while you love giving or receiving these special expressions of love on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to understand what actually these flowers convey. Yes, every flower symbolizes a special feeling or expression – and when you are gifting one or getting them as Valentine’s Day present, you should know what message or feeling has been conveyed to you.

So, have a look at some of the famous Valentine’s Day flowers and understand what they really stand for.


You can’t think of any other flower to start the list with other than rose after all it’s the most commonly used expression of love. Roses express love, romance and beauty. You gift a rose to someone when you are deeply and madly passionate about the special person.


These exude class and symbolize warmth as well as comfort. Mostly famous in the Netherlands, Tulips too are popular with Valentine’s Day celebration across the world. Many consider tulip to be the mark of perfection, and these flowers can very well describe a perfect love story.



The symbol of beauty, virtuousness and purity – daisies are symbol of cheerfulness. The bunch of buds in daisies always fills you with a sense of vibrant energy, and it’s always a delight to receive daisies as your Valentine’s Day present.

Peruvian Lilies

Many love lilies for their warmth and serene appeal – the favorite of all; lilies actually reflect friendship as well as devotion. The petals of lilies last for long and this is why lilies symbolize enduring relations. They are very common choice for Valentine’s Day flowers delivery in India.


A little hard to locate, orchids reflect deep and passionate love, beauty, comfort and strength. Moreover, these classy flowers are also a symbol of exotic seduction. So if your special someone gifts you orchids, take him or her to have a wilder side.



These are mostly found in the hues of blue, yellow and white. At some places in the world, irises are counted as symbol of royalty while many take them as symbol of undying hope and faith. Irises make for a perfect combination when merged with that of daisies and red tulips in particular.


Everyone loves the ruffled buds which reflect charm and new love. You can get them from Valentine ’s Day flowers Delivery in India, and they are indeed a unique option in terms of flower gifting to express your unconditional love.


Quite like their name, sunflowers stand for extreme warmth and happiness as well as loyalty. The best thing about sunflowers is that they are available all through the year and can be easily ordered for Valentine’s Day.

Now that you know what all these flowers stand for, pick your flowers keeping in mind the feelings they express on your behalf!

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