Hiring A Personal Injury Solicitor In Burnley

Those who have suffered a psychological or physical injury due to the negligence of a third party will often pursue legal cases in which they claim compensation. This can be done without any professional help, but many people choose to turn to an expert personal injury solicitor in Burnley to help them achieve the results they need, and deserve.

Personal injury solicitors will often have years of experience helping victims of negligence to claim money. This money can be used to help the claimant move on from their life following their accident. Some of the most common uses for the compensation include damages for pain and suffering caused, compensation for loss of property or income following the accident, compensation for medical expenses incurred and damages for those who have been left to care for a family member following an accident.

Personal Injury Solicitors in Burnley

Personal injury solicitors are often trained in specialist areas of personal injury law, but some have experience working with a variety of different cases to achieve the same outcome. Some of the most common personal injury cases include:

  • Medical negligence cases
  • Workplace injuries
  • Personal injuries on pavements or roads
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Injuries caused at a company owned venue or site
  • Construction injuries

Despite this large number of potential claims, experienced personal injury solicitors in Burnley are still equipped to deliver personalised advice and expertise based on their knowledge, providing you with the support you need to achieve the right level of compensation.

No Win, No Fee

Many people can find the process of hiring a personal injury compensation solicitor daunting due to the potentially large sums of money associated with legal costs. However, many solicitor firms and private lawyers are now offering claimants the chance to pursue their case via a no win, no fee contract. Also known as a conditional fee agreement, no win, no fee contracts will often state that victims of accidents can pursue their case with not financial obligation unless their claim is successful. This provides the peace of mind that victims will not face any financial responsibility on the part of the solicitor unless they achieve compensation.

Alternatively, many solicitors will also offer a cash advance contract, which not only covers legal fees until after the claim is made, but also provides claimants with a cash advance before the court case has begun. This cash advance varies based on the injuries in question, but it will often provide the victim with enough money to cover their financial ties until the settlement is agreed. These ties could include ongoing medical costs directly related to the injuries, travel costs to and from medical facilities and care costs. The final sum will then compensate the victim for their other losses associated with the accident, including any loss of property, loss of income following the accident or in the future, and even and loss of ability to achieve a job in their chosen field in the long term.

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