Hiring An Experienced Social Media Manager

Hiring An Experienced Social Media Manager

It is due to the reason you have now decided to hire an experienced Social Media Manager for one of your brands. However, finding a truly reliable and creative social media guy is definitely a big job. It is because thousands of people claim that they are expert in using social platforms to market a brand, but a very few actually know best practices for making it happen.

Therefore, to overcome such a problem, I have narrowed down some astonishing questions that you should ask when interviewing a person for the post of Social Media Manager.

I am pretty sure that after asking the below mentioned questions, hiring a passionate and results-driven social media professional wouldn’t be a daunting task for you.

  • What Makes You Interested in Social Media

To be honest, after asking about name and qualification it is the foremost question that you should never hesitate to ask. Being a Social Media Expert, I have been into this situation several times. If the person you are interviewing is a real social media freak, he would love to answer this question.

Moreover, he will also make sure that his words, attitude and behavior are clearly describing him as a right fit for the position.

  • Do You Mind Showing Us Some of Your Work Achievements?

Yes, it is the most essential question that majority of recruiters often forget during an interview. When interviewing a social media professional, make sure to ask about his past achievements. This way, you will get to know about his capabilities, strengths and qualities that he produces through his work. Believe me or not, but this question will also help you analyze the technical approach of a candidate. Therefore, take this step of interview on a serious note.

  • What Methods Do You Apply to Track ROI

When running social media campaigns, it is essential for you to measure results. This is where social media professional plays a pivotal role. He not only calculates ROI (Return on Investment), but suggests best possible ways to improve the entire performance.

It is because of this reason you must not forget to ask an interviewee about the methods he applies to track social media ROI. With this question, I am absolutely sure that you will get a clear idea about the analytical skills of a candidate.

  • Are You Personally Active on Social Media

During an interview, ask about his personal social handles and activities. The reason behind emphasizing this question is simple. A person’s social existence and regular activities on various social channels describe his personality and interests. The way he is interacting with friends and social circle is a big indicator about his communication skills. So, don’t be shy to ask this important question.

  • Do You Have Your Own Blog

It is impossible to earn a reputable name in digital marketing industry without having an appealing online existence. And to reach that level, a person needs to have a tremendous blog with thousands of monthly visitors. Remember, an expert knows the right tricks and techniques of formulating remarkable strategies and he uses blog as an ultimate source to share them.

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