Hit and Run: 4 Essential Things To Do After A Car Accident

Hit and Run: 4 Essential Things To Do After A Car Accident

A car accident can be extremely stressful and traumatic and if it happens to be a hit and run incident then it becomes even more painful. The emotions are very intense, a lot of things are happening in your mind and the injuries sustained could be severe. But, a few things are necessary to be done as soon as an accident occurs. You must consult a car accident lawyer to be guided properly, as they are well versed with the rules and provisions to get you justice and fair compensation.

The four essential things you need to do as soon as you are involved in a hit and run car accident are explained below to help you.

Information About the Other Vehicle

You must try and get as much information as possible about the car, driver and how the accident occurred

  • The Registration number of the other vehicle.
  • The color, make and model of the other vehicle.
  • The damage sustained by the other vehicle.
  • Details/photograph of any components like the bumper of the other vehicle which are available at the spot of the accident.
  • The direction that the vehicle went after the accident.
  • Photos of your car where the damage has occurred.
  • The place, time and reason of the accident.

Call the Police and Inform your Insurance Company

If the damages are significant, the injuries are severe or death has occurred, you must call the police. Never leave the accident spot till it is pertinent. You must ask for a police report to be filed when the police arrive and collect the badge details of the police officers for your future reference and follow up.

Next, you have to inform your insurance company about the details of the accident, explain the facts to them clearly. You should cooperate and be honest with them about the damages and injuries sustained.

If the insurance company finds out that you have lied to them, they may cause serious problems for you and even deny coverage. You must also collect a copy of the police report to substantiate the facts.

Collect Information

Get the details of the people present at the accident scene. Their names, contact number, and addresses. Be polite and cordial but careful about what you speak, it could be a disadvantage if you are apologizing for the accident.

Hire an Attorney

You must consult an experienced car accident lawyer explain the incident clearly. You must also give him complete details of the damages and injuries sustained. He will be able to guide you and help you get the maximum benefit or be able to defend you better in case it is your fault.


If you are involved in a car accident and the other vehicle goes away without stopping, you are at an advantage irrespective of the fact as to whether you were at fault or not. Hit and run are considered as a supplemental crime in most cases. Collect all relevant information as explained above and inform the police as well as Insurance Company. You must then consult an experienced car accident lawyer and hire them to file for claims or defend you as the case may be.

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