Home Improvement Projects for a Weekend or to Hire Out

Some home improvement projects are minor and can be completed within a few hours. If planning and preparing ahead of time, often a couple of days at the weekend is enough to get the task completed satisfactorily and clean up the area. On the other hand, some tasks take longer, require expertise or special equipment that’s outside of the realm of what you can handle yourself.

In this article, we cover a few of the home improvement projects to consider.

Basement Conversion

A basement conversion is a task that can be completed over successive weekends and left unfinished during the week when you’re busy at work.

It’s a step-by-step process for a patient person who is happy performing DIY. There’s a whole process to getting a basement converted, including needing the appropriate local permits, preparing the basement floor, removing any damp issues, figuring out how any water will be removed, and so forth.

Water Damage Resolution

A water damage problem is a significant issue in some homes. Water can come into the home in a variety of ways. This includes a bad roofing issue, poorly protected exterior walls, improper foundations, and more.

Damp, condensation, mold, and bacteria in the home are major concerns. When one or more rooms have too much moisture, bacteria and fungi can develop, including black mold. Breathing in the toxins can cause illness, especially for children with developing lungs. Therefore, it’s important to get it addressed as soon as possible.

Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC is ideally placed to resolve water problems for you. Whether they involve drying out a room or reconstructing a wall that’s experienced water damage, they’re experts at restoring properties that have suffered from flooding or just an excess of moisture in the air.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Bathrooms pick up dirt during use and need an extensive clean every few months.

You’ll probably notice that the bathroom floor needs attention. Perhaps a section of the floor needs to be repaired? Buffing up the tiles by cleaning them more thoroughly than usual can bring back the color in areas where it’s lacking. Spend twice the usual time to get to all the little nooks and crannies that a regular clean doesn’t reach.

Cleaning the grout between bathroom tiles is also worth it. It’s a bit more painstaking – you may want to use a towel to provide some support for your knees – but it’s worth it. The grout can become discolored over time, but it’s easy to bring its color with a bit of effort.

Back Yard

There’s also plenty of things to do in the back yard.

As spring has now arrived, it’s a good idea to check which flowers are starting to bloom. Perhaps some plants are struggling because debris has blown into the yard from a storm that’s now impeding their ability to bloom? Double-checking all the plants to ensure spring has spring gets the most out of any garden that’s been tended to previously.

Home improvement doesn’t all have to be done overnight. Choose the smaller projects to get started and work up to the larger ones. When you need assistance, find competent people to help you.

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