Home Improvement Tips For Summer: What To Know Before Rolling Up Your Sleeves

For homeowners and DIY’ers, summer is the season for large scale projects. The days are longer and drier and more accommodating particularly for exterior house improvements.

It’s time to repaint and to redecorate. Take advantage of the sunny weather by installing a patio. Beautify your garden and invite guests over for lazy Sunday barbecues. Build that greenhouse that you’ve always wanted or be an awesome parent and build a swimming pool for your kids.

Remember though that the primary purpose of your home is to provide your family with shelter. One of your priorities should be to check if the roof needs repair or reinforcement. When adding home improvements, you should also consider the return on investment. Prioritize main rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Solar panels make sound summer investments, allowing you to enjoy heating and hot water throughout the year. It’s also best to consider investing in energy-saving features. With the skyrocketing energy prices, upgrades like high-efficiency cooling and failsafe air sealing will help you save on future costs.

Keep in mind that where construction is concerned, punctuality is a virtue. The earlier you add your upgrades in the renovation stages, the lesser your expenses will be. If you can’t afford them at the moment, anticipate your future needs.

For example you can set up the rough plumbing earlier while saving up for your luxury tub. It’s certainly more sensible than having to tear down a wall in the future. It is also wiser to plan your project in advance and to contact a contractor during the winter.

Remember that these guys work in schedules and in summer, they’re usually booked. Hence, it’s very unlikely that you’ll land a contractor without having to pay extra. Schedule your roofing repairs during rainy season, your indoor remodeling during winter, and your heating maintenance during summer.

The surest way to save money on summer home improvements is to do some of the work yourself. Ask friends and family to help. But whatever you do, be sure to finish the projects that you’ve started. Otherwise, you’ll end up slowing down the construction schedule.

Even the most seasoned DIY’er can benefit from an initial plan made by a professional. It saves you from expensive mistakes like having a refashioned room torn down because the result wasn’t quite what you were expecting. You can hire an architect to build you an initial sketch for an affordable fee.

If you wish to save on materials, do the shopping yourself. Visit furniture stores in advance and take advantage of sales in finish materials such as carpets. Save time and energy and consider hunting for bargains online.

You’ll find that some websites such as Tradefix Direct have special offers on bulk buying for tools and supplies. Lastly, the most important tip in improving your home during summer is simply not to overdo things. Know how to distinguish what you need from what you want. Also, before rolling up your sleeves or digging deep into your pockets, learn to determine whether it is best to repair or to replace.

Written by Arthur Wilson, a freelancer home improvement and lifestyle blogger. Click here to follow him on about.me.

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