How Does Mechanics Lien Act As A Protective Barrier Between You and Your Client

How Does Mechanics Lien Act As A Protective Barrier Between You and Your Client

You may not leave back the toolbox at the job site once you completed a project and back. In the same manner, there is also no need to leave back your receivable money too back on the table. This is basic principle on which the ‘Mechanics Liens’ work, which is now one of the most important aspect construction project service providers should know.

A lien offers protection and security to the contractors for ensuring their payments owed. The nationwide network of mechanics lien filing services offered by takes up the responsibility of collecting the unpaid project money for you. You can easily file a lien based on any property with ease through online at the portal. You can also get all the tools for doing so at your disposal, and get help in documentation needed for property lien filing.

As a business owner or service provider, you do have certain expectations while offering services to the clients. The most important among such expectations is that you will get the payment once after successfully delivering the service. But, at many instances there you may be experiencing a delay or uncertainty as payments are not coming in even after you do deliver the project successfully and after every possible effort made to receive the payment. In such a situation, a mechanics lien through may be the only option to receive the money owed.

How does Mechanics Lien Works?

A mechanics lien is basically a form that gets filed at a local civil court / registrars office or other corresponding entities which records property. In basic terms, a lien restricts the owner of the property from selling it off until the balances owed to the lien claimant are cleared. Construction liens are usually made to secure any debt, which the property owner owes to a contractor. The contractor can be a plumber, electrician, painter, landscaper, or any other improvement services deployed on a specific property.

By filing a mechanics lien, the service provider essentially tie up the property to secure a debt. If lien is not getting resolved, then the debt will be ultimately recovered by selling off the property. This forces the property owner to somehow clear the debt and ensure that no contractual work on the property goes unpaid.

This may sound simple here, but filing mechanics lien is not that easy. It includes a lot of paperwork and need variety of supporting documents to be verified for clearance. Lien laws vary from state to state, and the way you submit a lien and other documents depends on where your project was accomplished. The state laws related to mechanics lien also may have certain requirements your service organization need to meet before filing a lien. What the lien services provider like offer is that the claimant can enjoy full peace of mind without worrying about all these complicated needs to file a lien by offering expert assistance in every aspect of it.

Costs Involved

There are fees attached to filing mechanics lien. Legal proceedings to file a lien and the forms and other documents to institute the liens also incur cost, which can be recovered through the lien. Charging only an affordable processing fee, the easy three-step process of ensures proper filing and proceedings made easy and perfect.

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