How Does Splankna Therapy Work?

Splankna therapy combines New Age practices and Christian values to put forward a mind-body protocol for healing. This therapy is based on ‘energy psychology’ and , it uses a number of different protocols from the field of psychology like neuro-emotional techniques (NET), eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), thought field therapy (TFT) etc.

The primary pivot on which the therapeutic practice is that the Energy Meridian in the human body. Practitioners of Splankna, much like chiropractics and Reiki, believe that energy flows through the living body via a meridian channel. Emotional blockages and psychological trauma is stored as electrical impulses on various organ points in this meridian channel preventing a smooth flow or causing distress to the client.

This form of therapy is especially used on clients with anxiety or depression issues. A phobia, for example, is thought to be the unexplained fear from a forgotten memory that is stored in the subconscious and retrieved in the course of therapy and brought to light by the Splankna practitioner using muscle-testing and other methods.

A typical Splankna session begins with prayer as this protocol has its basis in the Christian faith. The practitioner invokes the blessings of God to make the Splankna session that is about to begin, successful. The entire person of the client is placed in the hands of God so that He may guide the practitioner to identify the areas of the body where the difficult emotions are stored.

Muscle-testing is often used to understand the emotions that are being handled in the session. Usually, the practitioner will identify a deltoid muscle (for example: wrist/arm muscle) and place their hand on it to determine a shift in muscle-tone while they ask the client questions that target the emotion they are in therapy to address. The theory suggests that simple yes/no answers will also cause a shift in the muscle tone, due to the energy impulses running within the body, which will be picked up for analysis and healing by the practitioner.

Once the healing area has been identified the client is taken through a process of cleansing the traumatic emotions in which the therapist is an equal participant. Also whichever process the therapist thinks is appropriate from their repertoire of EMDR, TFT etc. is used on the client. This is done to measure and channelize the body’s energies in the right way so that the identified healing area will be free from blockages.

After clearing the emotional blockage, the client is taken through a spiritual process whereby they submit themselves to Jesus and let go of the defences that they had used to cope with the emotional pain inside them. Lastly, in their daily lives after therapy, clients are encouraged to keep track of ‘triggers’ that earlier would set them off on a path of emotional distress but after therapy have no impact on them, whatsoever.

Through a spiritual and mind-body healing process, Splankna removes the negativity that exists in a client’s life.

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