How Effective Are Hair Loss Treatments?

How Effective Are Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair is the most poised of all the body parts of an individual, it can enhance or dull almost every kind of look. Most of the cosmetic issues are known to scare the female population, hair loss is one such cosmetic issue that can instill a fear in the hearts of males even. There are a number of reasons associated with the hair loss, it can either be due to stress, overthinking, improper nutrition or any other health issue. Michael Steppie is a renowned clinical dermatologist, skilled with all hair loss treatment packages. With an increasing number of hair loss cases, there is an indefinite increase in the number of hair loss treatments as well. That being said, the next question that comes up is whether or not these hair loss treatments beneficial? Well! The following section of the blog will be answering these questions.

Some Popular Hair Loss Treatments

Mentioned below are some of the major hair loss treatments that are used to fix hair fall or regrow hair on the scalp: –

Minoxidil – It is a hair loss treatment, wherein a medicinal liquid or foamy substance is applied over the scalp. It is used twice in a day and can be used once prescribed by a hair loss specialist like Dr. Steppie. This drug is the first ever drug to be approved by the FDa, especially for the treatment of male baldness.

Finasteride – This particular drug works specifically just for men and is a pill prescribed by the doctors. It helps in regrowth of the hair on slow pace and comes with a side effect of diminishing the sex drive of the individuals consuming it. Finasteride is the first ever drug that has proved to be effective against male baldness.

Steroid Injections – A number of Doctors including MIchael Steppie inject these steroids in individuals for a fast recovery from the hair loss. Steroids can either be injected or consumed orally. Studies have shown that this type of hair loss treatment is effective but might come along with a bunch of side effects.

Hair transplant or the restoration surgery – This is a surgical technique that includes transplantation of the hair follicle from a donor to the thinning area in the scalp. It is predominantly used to treat the male pattern baldness. It comes with side effects like scarring and infection.

Laser Therapy – This is yet another FDA approved method of hair loss treatment. It is operated by using a low level laser light which absorbs the scalp cells. As mentioned in the NEw York times, the laser therapy will not bring back the lost hair follicles but will try to rebuild or boost up the follicles that are declining down.

Mentioned above are some of the major hair loss treatments used all over the globe. World’s best dermatologists and doctors are working hard to develop better technologies to help people regain their lost hair. After having a look at all the mentioned hair loss treatments, all that only a hair loss specialists can best answer the question that whether or not the hair loss treatments effective. Michael Steppie is one of the eminent hair loss treatment specialist and dermatologist and can provide the best assistance in the matter.

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