How Often Should You Change Your Plastic Door Curtains?

If you need to separate two areas but need easy access to both then plastic door curtains are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do so. They offer unhindered access from either side. They are easy to look after, being naturally resistant to sharp edges and heavy blows as well as being hygienic and chemically inert. They also have a long lifespan and are easy to repair.

Typical Uses

Warehouses are some of the biggest users of strip curtains. They allow easy passage of all types of traffic – from a single worker to a laden forklift. They are often used across delivery bays to keep the internal temperature of the warehouse consistent. Another common use is to delimit different areas – perhaps with different stock types in.

Their insulating properties also make them a popular choice as an internal curtain for walk-in chillers and freezers. Used in conjunction with a normal door they minimize heating when the stock is being transferred into and out of the room.

Another use is to separate clean areas from dirty. Workers can clean themselves or equipment in the dirty area before passing into the clean zone, thus minimizing the transfer of dirt. They can also act as a barrier for pests, deterring vermin and blocking flying insects.


Prevention is always better than cure so ensure that you have the curtains inspected on a regular basis – at least monthly. This is best done at the same time as cleaning.

Check for cracks, splits and cuts in each strip and, if the curtain is designed to slide to one side, check that the mechanism works as it should. Oiling and adjusting moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer will lengthen the lifespan.

Replace damaged vanes as soon as you can. It is a good idea to keep a few spares in stock so that they can be switched as soon as the damage is noted.

Your supplier will advise on the best routine and may offer maintenance packages.

How Often Should You Change Your Plastic Door Curtains?


PVC curtains shrug off dirt provided they are washed with a bucket and sponge on a regular basis. Occasionally they will need to be removed and given a more thorough clean, although avoid using harsh chemicals which could damage the material.

To some extent how often you replace your curtains comes down to the area in which they are used. Minimally used curtains in a clean environment – for example, a data centre – will take longer to wear than ones with constant forklift traffic through them.

SteriTouch curtains have been shown in laboratory tests to resist mold growth even after ten years simulated aging. The silver ion technology is embedded in the whole strip so does not diminish even if damaged by scratching or cutting.

Ensuring that you have chosen the correct size of a curtain for your application will also extend the lifespan of the strips. Strips that are too narrow are more likely to get tangled up and torn or cut which will necessitate replacement.

For cold storage applications, it is essential that you choose a polar grade kit that can deal with exposure to low temperatures. Standard PVC strip curtains will become brittle and age prematurely.

Double ribbed curtains are useful in areas of high traffic as the ribs keep a gap between the strips which minimizes contact between them and reduces abrasion. This will work to increase the lifespan of your door.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your door needs full replacement your supplier will be more than happy to help you decide.

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