How The Game Of Football Influences Our Social Life!

How The Game Of Football Influences Our Social Life!

Man is a social animal and you need one another to survive and live. You may prefer solitude sometimes but you can never live alone. Unfortunately many people these days are alone. They do not get the chance to merge with society. They may have lost a companion or lack the necessary social skills that are required for a happy mentally stimulating life. The cases of loneliness, depression and in extreme cases suicide has increased drastically. This is not socially healthy however Jonathan Bunge from Cleveland Ohio says that if youth football is encouraged, the society can become a better place to live in!

Jonathan Bunge is not a footballer or a psychologist. He is an ordinary man however different from the rest of his peers. He is a busy professional with the transport industry and is always on the road. He is a passionate fan of football and loves the game intensely. He always catches up with the latest news of his favorite team Cleveland Browns. He is also a writer though he considers himself not cut out for the task but his posts are really insightful and enjoyable to read. Here in his blog he writes about his primary interests revolving around football, tattoos and his experiences on the road. If you read his posts they are very motivating and inspiring. They have subtle messages that relate to life and how to survive. Most of the posts that Jonathan Bunge writes about are personal accounts but even then he expertly covers many topics of social interest and engages his readers.

Coming back to football, he states this sport is one of the best in the world today that teaches you social skills. It is very important for you to improve social skills so that you can be less judgmental and more welcoming. Jonathan encourages parents to allow their kids to learn football so that they can grow up to become balanced human beings. This is the need of the day. It is important for young people to inculcate the skills of unity and staying together. In this way, they are able to grow up together despite their differences very much like football.

If you see the game, you will find the players who are chasing the ball are from different backgrounds. However, football unites them. They win together and they lose together. It is important for the team to be disciplined and motivated to work with one another. The same philosophy also applies to life. Success only comes with team efforts- be it in the family or at home. Jonathan recommends parents should send their children for football practice so that they learn positive social skills. In this way they learn the qualities of leadership, teamwork, patience, endurance and lots more. Jonathan is right-football is a sport that teaches. It teaches you to be positive and social. These qualities are becoming scarce in the world today- Jonathan Bunge is using football to spread this message in a positive way!

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