How to buy bricks online pain-free

If you have a brick merchant near you, popping along to see what they have to offer might fulfil all your requirements, but if you’re looking for a certain type of brick, you might not find exactly what you want.

Online brick suppliers have the advantage of being able to offer a vast selection compared to smaller local providers, allowing you to select the exact brick that you want for your project.

Colour, texture and weather proofing qualities are just three of the factors that you’ll want to consider when you choose the bricks for your construction. Opting for an online sale means you’ll get a huge choice in all three areas, guaranteeing you the perfect results.

However, if you’ve never bought bricks online you might have some reservations about how well the process works. Here’s a guide to explain exactly how you can buy bricks online pain-free.

Brick-matching service

If you are building a construction project where there’s already some existing brickwork, you may be hoping to match up the old and the new.

But with quite literally hundreds of different bricks currently on the market, identifying a certain type of brick may seem like an impossible feat.

Buying a brick that looks similar but isn’t identical might seem like a good idea, but once the bricks have been put together, the differences which appeared so trivial on a single brick will be far more apparent en masse.

A good brick supplier will offer an online brick matching service. All you need to do is provide them with three different photos of the bricks you’re hoping to match with, and they’ll be able to identify what brick you need to buy.

Get a sample

You may have reservations about ordering online because you don’t have the opportunity to feel and touch the brick you’re thinking of buying.

Although the pictures will be very accurate, there’s little which can replace the intuitive response to being able to see the brick in real life.

The good news is that if you find a brick you like, you can order a sample. This will be sent to you through the post and gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the quality of what you are considering buying.

Advice and support

Many people who buy bricks may never have done so before, which means that they may be feeling overwhelmed by the technical jargon and descriptions.

If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking at, or what bricks you need, simply give the supplier a call. A good company will provide telephone support to back up their online sales, as well as an email service.

Buying bricks is a complex business and a brick supplier will have a team of experts who can provide advice, support or guidance throughout the whole process.

Super-fast delivery

Even if you bought your bricks from a local merchant, you’d probably have to wait for a delivery if you’re buying a significant amount. Bricks are heavy and won’t simply fit onto the back sit of a typical family car!

Therefore, when you buy online, having to wait for delivery is no different than buying locally, but you might be surprised at how quickly the bricks could be with you. Online brick suppliers have an excellent system in place which allows your order to be speedily dispatched.

If you pick an online supplier which offers a fast turnaround, you could find your bricks with you within as little as 3-5 days.


If you decide to buy bricks online, you could be surprised at how easy the entire process is. You can sample the bricks before you place an order and there’s always access to expert help and advice. Plus there’s the added advantage of being able to browse through the selection from the comfort of your own home!

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