How To Choose A Statement Coffee Table

A Coffee table has become more than a simple surface upon which you place your cup of coffee or where your magazines lay, strewn. Now, the lowly coffee table has become a statement piece in your living room. It is seen as a work of art, displayed in a manner which would garner the most amount of attention. Due to its central placement, a coffee table can either pull the décor of a room together or utterly clutter it.

As there is so much importance lent to the coffee table, it would stand to reason that your sense of style is judged by the quality and design of this little table. When you are entertaining guests, you inevitably sit around the coffee table. This is where you place drinks and appetizers and converse with your friends. Naturally, the eye is frequently drawn to the table. When this occurs, you would only like compliments about your wonderful sense of style. The best way to ensure this is to go to a retailer who will be able to offer you the best choices in coffee tables and has a variety of designs to choose from. Regardless of your taste or preference, you should be able to find the perfect fit for your living room:


Make sure that your coffee tables are constructed from the finest resources, assuring that your furniture is held to the highest stand of quality. Good choices for materials are: high-quality wood, sturdy glass, solid metals, fiberglass, and robust marble. The superior consistency of the materials used ensures that you get to enjoy your personal work of art for a much longer period of time.


The choices in design of tables run the gamut from timeless and elegant to innovative and sophisticated. With the right amount of searching, you can find that divine craftsmanship and fuse different materials to create a look that just calls out to you.

Whether you require a coffee table for merely aesthetic purposes or one that is for functionality, a good place to start is with HABITATchic coffee tables. With different sizes and shapes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when you look for one that fits your needs. The Berkeley Café lines and the Marais Café lines are perfect for anyone looking for a more classic coffee table, with clean lines. If you want to display your creative side, however, the Noguchi Table is just the coffee table for you. With its novel design, it is a wonderful piece and a sure conversation starter


Get bits of furniture that are made to order so you can make sure that the design you choose can be altered to fit your ideals. With choices in sizes, colors, wood finishes, and more, your coffee table should be able to be tailored to your needs.


Just because your coffee table looks intricate does not mean that it should also be complicated to put together. When shopping for coffee tables, make sure that there is little or no assembly required for these pieces of furniture. This way you can begin to enjoy your lovely table immediately rather than being hassled as hordes of builders traipse in and out of your house attempting to put together one small furnishing.

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