How To Choose The Right Floor Tile For Your Home

Tiles have been used as a decorative and durable flooring option for centuries and are one of the easiest ways to create a statement surface in your home. Thanks to international trade with the finest tile designers and manufacturers, you can enjoy the most exquisite forms of tile design within your home to celebrate the ceramic art and provide a practical, easy to clean surface. Different tiles have different properties so it is worth doing your homework before investing, which is why we have created a list of the main considerations when choosing your flooring tiles.

Size is everythin

First things first you need to consider the size of the space you wish to tile. The general rule is that the larger the space, the larger the tiles that you will use. A marvellous mosaic feature will be breathtaking on a gently sloping bathroom floor, however the pattern could get lost in a large hallway, not to mention be incredibly time consuming and expensive. The pattern and design you wish to create with your tiles will also have a bearing on the size of tiles that you use, so we recommend you consult a tile expert to assist you with your floor tile selection.

Types of Tile

The types of floor tile you choose will depending heavily on the area in which it is to be used and your personal style. Natural stone tiles such as granite, marble, slate and limestone are incredibly hardwearing and complement both traditional and contemporary décor.

Aside from natural tiles, porcelain tiles are usually considered stronger than ceramic tiles due to their increased density and are selected for areas of heavy traffic. Porcelain floor tiles consist of 50% white sand called feldspar which bonds the clay and minerals together when fired, whereas ceramic tiles have no added components to the white, red or brown clay and minerals. Ceramic tiles are often the cheapest tile to work with, however they don’t always offer the same durability as a glazed porcelain tile, and porcelain is generally chosen for areas such as kitchen floors due to their immense strength and non slip properties.

Fabulous Finish

When considering which floor tile to go for, you need to factor in your personal preferences. Natural stone floors such as granite have a smooth but slightly uneven surface which feels amazing underfoot and looks incredible in traditional kitchens, however they will not offer the shine and sparkle of a glossy porcelain tile for those who prefer a more modern look. Tiles can be laid in straight or staggered formation, and if you have an experienced tiler on hand then the possibilities are literally endless. Bear in mind that although glossy tiles will shine beautifully, they will also show up dirt and smears much more easily than a natural stone or ceramic tile, therefore busy walkways may benefit from a more hard wearing tile. Stone floor textures provide natural no slip properties making them a great choice for bathrooms or wet rooms.

If you have any doubts about the use of a tile for your home flooring, ask an experienced tile retailer who can advise you on the right tile for your floor.

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