7 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your House!

How to clean your home in 30 minutes?

Whether it is about the unexpected and important guests who called and said they will come and see you or you completely forgot about your boss who said that will come to dinner, never mind, one thing is clear – you need to clean the mess in your living room. If you’re a little confused, inexperienced and have to act quickly do not worry about the situation. There are ways to fix things in a few easy steps and Logik Mississauga will help you with that.

Here’s how to clean it quickly and even if you have to throw the garbage too.

What you will need: – Vacuum cleaner, container or box, Microfiber cloth, Mild soap, Rubber gloves and a universal detergent.

Start collecting all the clutter from your living room. Anything that does not belong to the interior in the living room should go to the box. Do not waste time running back and forth all the other rooms in the house trying to hide some other item. Put the items in the box in another room, you know in advance that your guests will not use. Then focus on the couch. If you have pets or children, this area of ​​the living room often has the dirtiest area and is accompanied by a mess. Start by pulling the pillows out and examining the damage. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the dirt. Vacuum all the crumbs, hair, everything else that is under the pillows. After all crumbs and dirt are derived from the couch, put the pillows back on the couch. If you have pets there will be a ton of hair, simply grab a pair of rubber gloves and rub them over the sofa and upholstered chairs. Gather all the hair into a ball and throw it away.

Review your carpet and look for spots. If you see any staining which you can remove quickly, try this little trick: Take a teaspoon of mild soap and apply it directly to the stain. With a damp sponge or microfiber cloth, to gently clean the stain. If the stain resist or if it is very dark, you can just cover it with a rug or piece of furniture or contact a professional to fix it later. The same rule applies if there are stains on the sofa or the couch. Cover them with your pillow or mat that looks like a decoration of the interior. Vacuum the floor which will give a neat and clean appearance. Do not worry about moving furniture at the moment. Wipe with a microfiber cloth all the tables, chairs, shelves and shelves section.

Remove and clean the ducts. This is a great way to prevent dirt and dust from damaged furniture. – Use mats at every entrance to your home and clean it periodically. When it rains, it will be your best collector of all the mud, pebbles and dirt that you collect from the street.

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