How To Create A Good Impression With Your Customers

As someone who is self employed, the amount of work you get asked to quote for often depends on recommendations from other previous satisfied customers. It’s vital to the growth of your business that these recommendations happen as they are worth far more to you than any paid advertising. In fact many people do not need to advertise at all but gain more than enough work from this alone. But what should you be doing to ensure you get these recommendations?

Everyone Wants A Reliable Worker

Everyone wants to employ a reliable worker, so whether you are a builder, a plasterer or perhaps an electrician, make sure you do what you have promised. If you’ve promised to get back to the customer with a quote in the next few days then make sure you do just that. If you’ve arranged to arrive at their home at 8.30 am don’t turn up at 10 without contacting them to apologize and if you’ve agreed a price for the job, don’t try to increase it without a very good reason.

Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

Of course there are reasons why things don’t always go to plan. Perhaps you set off in good time but grid locked traffic is causing you to be late, or maybe your quote is late for a very valid reason. However, if you are in contact with the customer or client then most people understand and are ok with it as long as they are kept posted.

Clean Up After The Job Is Done

Another very effective way of getting good reviews is to clean up thoroughly after the job is finished. Women especially are impressed by this and will judge you harshly if you go away leaving a dusty mess behind. Invest in a Numatic Henry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and the cleaning up will be a simple process. It has a cleaning range of over 31m and can tackle most jobs efficiently with its range of accessories. It really does make a worthwhile investment

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