How to Find Top Divorce Advocates in Delhi?

Be it the matter of Government mulling to ban Triple Talaq or simply discussing the causes behind the increasing divorce rate in the country, a lot of talk is going on Divorces in India.   Statistics collected in 2016 by various agencies and NGO’s in India suggest that divorce rate is increasing day by day in the country and the situation is worrying everyone.

Some people are blaming growing nuclear family system in the country for the increasing divorce rate in the country while as some blame the clash of egos between the young couples for it. To seek a divorce from partner, one requires a lawyer to defend his/her case. There are thousands of Divorce advocates in Delhi who handle these cases. But remember all of them may not be able to handle your case efficiently in court. While selecting from Divorce advocates in Delhi, check the track record of the lawyer first and then only give nod to him/her. An inexperienced lawyer can spoil your scene in the court.

Divorce laws and Procedure in India    

Most of the young couples in India are unaware about Divorce procedure in India. Divorce lawyers in Delhi tell you about various divorce laws in India and provide you advice on divorce and explain you the entire divorce procedure.  So it is necessary for a married person to hire a lawyer, if he or she decides to part ways from partner.  Due to space and time constraint, it is impossible to explain you here the entire divorce procedure applicable in Indian courts, but we will still provide you the highlights of the procedure so that you get a basic idea of it.

Divorce is certainly a tough affair to go through. The divorce procedure in India can continue for years, so you have to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for it. The divorce procedure in India varies according to the religion you belong. There are separate acts for each religion practiced in India. These acts are modified from time to time by the lawmakers in the country. There are two types of divorce one contested divorce and the other mutual divorce. A mutual divorce is one where couples come to an agreement and resolve all disputes whether it is the custody of children, maintenance or some other issues. But it rarely happens in India. Most of the couples file for contested divorces in India where one partner turns down the claim of the other and the later takes help of court for legal help.

Since the majority of people in India are Hindus, we will talk mainly about divorce laws in India concerned with Hindus. A Hindu couple can file a mutual divorce only after one year of their separation. The couple has to prove it in court why they can’t stay together.  And both have to voluntarily agree to dissolve the marriage.

 Sum and substance

The actual procedure of divorce starts with the hiring of a lawyer. It is important to hire an efficient lawyer who will help client get through the complexities of the legal system in India.  The lawyer should be well versed with the laws related to marriage and divorce. He/should possess enough experience in guiding his/her client to the best possible divorce deal from the court.

It is easy to find Divorce advocates in Delhi to plead divorce case in Court. You will see hundreds divorce lawyers roaming in the court premises but the question are they all capable to plead your case. And can you trust on them blindly. The answer is certainly no. All of them are not capable to plead your divorce cases. Some of them may be new in the field and can spoil your case. Some of them are out of your budget.

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