How To Fix The Keyboard Of An HP Laptop

How To Fix The Keyboard Of An HP Laptop

Is your HP laptop keyboard not working as it should be? It may be the result of a hard bump, liquid spill or you have simply worn it out, but you can’t just buy a new keyboard, plug it in and start working. You shouldn’t even think of investing in a brand new laptop as these are all expensive options. As a fact, HP laptops are quite easy to repair, so find the best fix for your HP laptop, before taking the big plunge to buy.

Made of key cap, retainer clip and silicone membrane, keyboards in general take a great deal of abuse so it is only practical they start creating problems. The keys can also easily fall off, what with the various amount of force and typing styles applied by people. As soon as you notice that the keys are beginning to loosen, go to a repair shop or replace the individual keys that aren’t working.

Hardware Problem

The dust and dirt may be the culprit here, if only a few of your keys are not working. You can try cleaning your HP laptop keyboard. For this, you have to shut down your PC and require a can of compressed air. Directly burst the air under the keys and concentrate on those keys that are giving you the most trouble. If by chance it doesn’t work, you have to replace the keyboard. Here, a professional help would be the best option as you wouldn’t want to end up doing more harm than any good.

Clean the keyboard

To observe the retainer clips beneath your regular sized keys, remove the key from the keyboard. Put your index finger on the upper left corner of key and gently push up on an angle. Now, the key would be loose enough to be removed. Moreover, press firmly on the key, to see if it falls back on the retainer clip. Because if not, then the key is broken.

Install a Rubber Cup

If you find the rubber cup or spring of a key missing, you need to install one right away or your key will not function properly. Just center the cup on the membrane of key. You may find a circle, simply place the cup here.

Remove The Keyboard

Start with removing the bezel just above the keyboard that is basically a thin strip of plastic. Using a small screwdriver, gently pry the edge up and remove it. As a bezel is just a snap, make sure you are gentle with it  while working across the bezel. With the bezel removed, you will come across a few screws at the top of keyboard that you can remove with the help of Philips head screwdriver.

Once the screws are removed, lift the keyboard gently where you will notice a ribbon of wires that would connect the keyboard to the laptop. With the help of a screwdriver, you have to remove these wires. Now, you can put in the replacement keyboard.

People often adopt the do-it-yourself approach which can be really harmful for their laptops. So, take your HP laptop to an experienced repairing professional.

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