How To Get On Top Of Winter Eczema Naturally

How To Get On Top Of Winter Eczema Naturally

It is fairly common for people to experience dry skin during the winter months when the humidity drops. While the onset of winter does have a significant link with eczema, there is sufficient evidence that the occurrence of winter eczema in many is also due to a DNA problem; wherein the skin became affected as a result of the mutation in a gene, causing a deficiency of a filament aggregating protein.

Filament Aggregating Protein and How Eczema Is Triggered

Filament aggregating protein may be thought akin to cement holding the various layers of the skin together. It is absolutely necessary for the proper development and maturation of skin cells and also acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Lack or absence of filament aggregating protein results in the skin becoming dry and cracking, allowing easier penetration of allergens. Once the immune system gets activated, it leads to skin inflammations in the form of eczema and other allergies. When you have low filament aggregating protein levels your skin tends to be far more susceptible to environmental and weather conditions.

What to Do When Your Filament Aggregating Protein Level Is Low

Since the deficiency of filament aggregating protein or filaggrin is a gene mutation, it cannot be readily altered. However, maintaining a healthy immune system can dramatically improve the body’s response to eczema triggered by the environment. Those with minor deficiency of the protein but with a healthy immune system may escape with just a small eczema breakout that may not cause great discomfort. However, most people suffer from a weak immune system due to various reasons of diet, medication, and lifestyle and it can be difficult to fight eczema and dry skin conditions.

How to Manage Filament Aggregating Protein Deficiency?

Avoid toxic foods: When your immune system is weak and your gut inflamed, eczema can get substantially worse if you consume foods that stimulate reactions that cause further inflammation of the gut. Foods like refined sugar, sugary drinks, processed foods, etc. should be avoided.

Drink herbal teas: Herbal teas of various kinds are very effective in strengthening the immune system and promoting your self-healing capacity. Green tea, especially Matcha green tea, contains antioxidants that help to detoxify your system.

Restrict steroid cream use: When you have dry skin that is more susceptible to eczema, you need to be really careful regarding what your skin gets exposed to. Steroid creams commonly prescribed for treating eczema often contain many chemicals that can end up harming your skin and immune system. Try and switch to natural eczema creams instead.

Avoid allergens: To the extent possible, keep your skin from getting in contact with harsh chemicals and pollutants that can cause skin sensitivity. Apart from polluted air, even perfumes and scented soaps may cause allergies. It is best to cover the eczema-affected skin with gauze when going out.


Limiting the severity of winter eczema will require you to take a number of steps including changes in lifestyle and diet to improve your immune system besides avoiding pollution and allergens.

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