How To Get Your Boat Ready For Spring

With the weather beginning to warm up, it’s only natural boaters begin thinking about readying their boats for the season ahead. Whether you employ your boat for fishing or simply cruising the lake, you’ll want to make sure your boat is ready for the water and sunshine when you are. The following tips will help you get you boat in gear for the spring and summers seasons ahead.


One of the first things you can do to get your boat ready for spring is to give it a thorough clean. In fact, you may be able to convince your family to get in on this job too. Using mild detergent, you can give the deck, hull, and topsides a thorough cleaning. According to Angie’s List, “you shouldn’t use non-marine cleaners on your boat.” It’s best to use cleaning products specifically designed for marine craft so you don’t damage any surfaces. You’ll also want to make sure your clear the scuppers and drains. Clear the bilge of any melted snow that may have seeped in and, also, clean the exterior and interior windows as well as metal work using metal polish.

Your boat dealer may also be able to recommend a good wax for your boat. As Auburn Journal recommends, you shouldn’t “wax your boat with the same wax you use on your vehicle. Some brands meant for your vehicle will deteriorate the gel coating on your fiberglass boat.” Waxing can prevent your boat’s surface from staining due to the elements, so it’s definitely something you want to use to keep your boat damage free and looking its best.

Check Electrical Systems

After a long, cold winter in storage, your boat’s electrical system will need to be checked over thoroughly. You’ll need to clean any corrosion on the battery and likely charge it as well. Check the battery’s water level; you may need to refill these levels with distilled water. Make sure to inspect the boat’s wiring for any signs of wear and be sure all gauges and electronic systems are functioning optimally before you do any traveling aboard your boat. Always keep extra fuses and bulbs aboard your boat too.


Before getting your boat on the water, you’ll want to change its oil and filters for the brand new boating season. Be sure to check engine belts and transmission fluid too. If you aren’t comfortable performing engine maintenance, you should schedule a boat tune up with your dealer’s service center or your boat mechanic to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Other Tasks

Don’t forget to make sure that your boat is fully equipped with all the safety items you need. Spring is a good time to have your fire extinguisher serviced. Refill first aid equipment and inspect life preservers to make sure they weren’t damaged in storage before you head out on the water.

With proper care and maintenance your boat will last you for many seasons to come. Keep these tips in mind as you ready your boat for this spring for the warm weather to come.

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