How To Give Your Old Home That Special Pizzazz

It does not matter if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars when you first decorated your home; it does not matter if you hired the most famous and talented interior designers to do it for you; it does not even matter if you saw your home as the perfectly decorated space; at one point you will grow tired of it. It will still be beautiful and all, but it will have become boring, sooner or later.

When such a day comes, there are a ton of things you can do that will bring a bit of that special pizzazz to your old home without redecorating the entire property and spending thousands.

Bring in New Colors

The easiest way to bring your old home back to life is to introduce new colors to it, especially if you had been quite conservative when you first decorated it. A nice orange will go great in the living room, perhaps a blue or an aquamarine. The important thing is to make this just a detail, perhaps one wall or even just a part of a wall. Do not overdo it, especially if you go with something as strong as orange. Even if you decide to completely redo the color palette of your home, it will not take too long or cost that much.

How To Give Your Old Home That Special Pizzazz

Think Art

You would not believe how much a single piece of art can change the feel of a room. It will depend on your tastes in art, but you can never go wrong with something contemporary and bold. Think Italian futurism of the 1920s. It does not have to be a painting. It can be a figurine or a statue. This is also something that you need to do carefully and without going overboard. A single striking piece of art will do the trick.

How To Give Your Old Home That Special Pizzazz

Introduce (change) Rugs

Perhaps you decided on the rug-less, clean and bare floors the first time you decorated. More and more people go this way these days and while it can provide a very contemporary and sleek look, it can also get very old very quickly. Or, perhaps you chose neutral rugs that provide little visual effect. The idea here is to introduce rugs or change the existing ones. There is a seemingly infinite amount of choice when you start choosing rugs – from gorgeous traditional rugs such as, Persian or afghan to the more striking and sleeker contemporary rugs that will still produce a stunning effect.

How To Give Your Old Home That Special Pizzazz

Revive Your Kitchen

A kitchen is often an afterthought when people design their home and there is a clear possibility that you have done the same when you did your place. If this is the case, we have good news for you. Kitchens can be livened up very easily and without spending too much. We are talking wall-decorations, perhaps a hanging rack, redoing the cabinets, bringing color to them. These are all small jobs that can revive your kitchen and the entire home.

How To Give Your Old Home That Special Pizzazz

There are plenty of other things that you can do to liven your home, such as putting up photos of your family and friends, introducing new lighting, perhaps even putting in a skylight. It is all up to you and we are sure that you will know how to make the right choice.

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