How to Handle A Sudden Work Injury

How to Handle A Sudden Work Injury

Accidents can happen anywhere, even at work. When they do, there are certain steps you should take to handle the situation calmly and effectively. Here are important points to keep in mind in case an injury should occur.

Follow Company Protocols

Every company should have a first aid policy that is shared with all employees. It should be accessible for quick reference in the event of an injury. You should be aware of the policy and follow it, if applicable. This is important not only to address your immediate safety but also to ensure that the company policy was correctly followed in case a subsequent legal claim is filed. Proof that you didn’t follow protocol could hurt your case later.

Notify Relatives if Necessary

You should have an emergency contact listed in your HR file, and if you haven’t already appointed one, you should do so at your earliest convenience. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may want the company to contact family members or a close friend. The company is responsible for contacting them if the situation requires it. If you are unconscious, it is even more important for your company to be able to contact relatives for information about any relevant medical conditions or prescriptions you may have.

Get Medical Help

As soon as you are stabilized, you should seek appropriate medical attention. This may require evaluation by an emergency squad or transport to the local hospital emergency department. Of course, immediate first aid may be needed to address minor injuries and offer onsite treatment, such as binding a wound or applying salve on a burn. If the injury does not appear to be serious, you may decide to drive yourself to the doctor’s office or wait until after work for a family member’s assistance.

Contact an Injury Attorney

When the immediate medical issues have been dealt with, you may want to contact an workers’ compensation attorney, like those at Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr LLC, to discuss the legal aspects of the situation. There may be questions about whether the company was potentially negligent, leading to your injury. Other concerns might involve the existence or accessibility of the safety policies and first aid protocols. An attorney that specializes in this area of law can answer questions and provide helpful information.

Job-related injuries are as serious as those experienced elsewhere. Be sure you get any necessary treatment and legal information to protect your safety and your rights.

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