How To Keep Wooden Floors Looking Brand New

The flooring in your home is under a lot of stress on a daily basis. If you’re in a busy household and have young children or pets, you’re likely to notice these effects much quicker. Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are also susceptible to damage because they are high-traffic areas. So how do you keep your floor looking great at all times?

Caring For Wood

If your floors are made of wood, they need to be cared for a treated in the most appropriate way. It’s also worth noting that flooring can be affected by the climate it is made in and the environment it came from. However, no matter where you have purchased flooring & decking from, these tips will help you.

Preventative Measures

In the first instance, you should be using preventative measures to make sure that your floors are protected. Make sure your wooden flooring is installed correctly in the first place, it will help more than you can imagine. Furniture that may scratch floors such as chairs should have appropriate floor protectors that can be found easily.

Rugs And Carpets

If you have any rugs on your wooden flooring, remember that certain types of rugs and carpet can leave unsightly stains once they are removed. Find out from the supplier you purchased your rug or carpet from the best type of protector to go underneath the rug.


You should routinely clean your wooden floors by just sweeping or vacuuming them to keep them mess, dirt and dust free. Dusting is something you should try to keep on top of daily. Something as simple as putting a doormat in any high-traffic areas such as the entrance to your home can reduce dirt massively!

Mopping And Vacuuming

When it comes to mopping floors, many people forget that wood doesn’t react well to large amounts of water. Use a cleaning solution that is suitable for the type of wood and finishing you have on your floors. You should always mop wooden surfaces with a damp mop, not a soaking wet one. Remember, if your floors have a wax finish you should avoid mopping altogether.

Spot Checks

While doing your routine cleaning, you should be checking for any marks and stains. If you spot anything that shouldn’t be there, you want to target it quickly, so it doesn’t become too difficult to remove. Before you attack your floors with cleaners and start scrubbing, be wary of materials that may damage your floor. A very fine grade of steel wool used in combination with floor wax can help to remove many stains. You can also use simple household washing-up detergent to break down grease stains.


If, after cleaning, you find your floors still look a little dull, you may want to consider completely refinishing your wooden surface. Refinishing your floor make a dramatic difference! If you don’t have the time refinish your flooring, you can purchase specialised products that can help to bring the shine back.

If you think your floor needs completely redoing, make sure you use the best flooring solution for your situation. Regular cleaning and the right products can do wonders for wooden floors.

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