How To Make Your Home Safe For A Disabled Family Member

How To Make Your Home Safe For A Disabled Family Member

Your family member has a disability which resulted from an accident. And while the lawsuit has been over and done with, the pain and the discomfort from the disablement are still there. Your family member has a hard time walking from one point to another and completing one simple task takes too much time. Because of these things, you start to think that adjustments in the home should be made in order to adapt to his/her needs. To help you make your home safe for a disabled family member, consider the information below:

Replace dangerous flooring:

If your disabled family member has issues with balance and drags his/her feet while walking, certain types of flooring and carpets might become hazardous to them. If you have slick floorings like those made of hardwood or tile, consider making changes as soon as possible. You can help prevent any falls, slips, and trips by reviewing the slip rating of hardwood and replacing a high-pile carpet with a low-pile. You should also make sure that high-traffic areas in your home are free from any kind of clutter such as wires and children’s toys.

Add a shower bench:

Your family member can shower on their own or with limited assistance once you have a shower bench in your home. There are several varieties on the market for shower benches so make sure you get one appropriate for the disabled person.

Light stairs properly:

If your home has stairs, make sure that they’re well-lit, especially at night. Aside from putting new lights in the staircase, you can also place several others on the handrails, and the walls where the staircase is located, depending on your preference. You can use motion sensor lights as they are easy to install and won’t cause your power bills to surge.

Plug in a security system:

This might sound like overkill for some but installing a security system inside your home can give you that level of comfort once your disabled family member is residing with you. A security system can allow you to look after your family member when you’re away. There are also security systems that send an alert to your phone or device whenever someone leaves home unexpectedly – a handy feature if your family member has memory loss or is prone to wandering alone.

Install grab bars and handrails:

This is probably the easiest way for you to make sure that your home is safe for your disabled family member. Installing grab bars and handrails makes it easier for your family member to move around the house without needing another person’s assistance. Grab bars and handrails are useful especially in the bathroom or toilet to provide stability and balance to the family member.

How To Make Your Home Safe For A Disabled Family Member

Several treatments and medications should be given to the disabled person for him/her to live an almost pain-free life. This can be difficult for some households but with disability insurance, continually acquiring all of those can be easier. To know how a disability insurance can help a disabled family member, talk to a disability insurance lawyer like this one here.

Empathize With Them

When a disabled family member leaves the hospital, you should take the time to make sure that your home is safe for him/her. Remember that tasks that seem easy for you will not be the same in the eyes of the disabled family member. And while doing all of these precautions might seem taxing, just keep in mind that your efforts will come a long way for the disabled person’s recovery and safety.

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