How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

While everyone uses a smartphone in today’s era, it has become a constant struggle to keep the battery alive for an entire day. Gone are the days of the bar phones when phones were only used for calling and sending SMSs and hence the battery used to last for days. With all the applications that the phone supports from the social media notifications to instant messaging and all the e-commerce apps, these are the things that eat up the battery to a large extent. No matter whichever smartphone one has, the battery problem has been common. Whether it is an iPhone or Samsung or Sony or Nexus, even the best sellers in the market come across the same issues and end up asking questions like what is my iPhone5 worth if the battery keeps draining at a rocket speed. Enlisted here are few tips that can make your battery last longer than usual.

1. Carry a Power Bank

With the number of spare wireless chargers available in the market one can always keep a power bank handy. The power banks are like the perfect companions for your smartphones so as to keep the battery of your smartphone alive without giving you panic attacks with the Battery Low warnings.  Though it is recommended to charge the phone with a cable charger that comes along with the smartphone but in case of emergency uses, a power bank is your device savior.

2. Check the Apps Running in the Background

It is always good to check the apps that keep running in the background and eat a lot of power. Usually we just check our apps and back it out to see the home screen but these apps keep running in the background. This is another reason that your battery probably drains superfast. There are certain apps that are heavy on the battery and they suck the processor power leaving no battery by the end of the initial few hours.

3. Keep off the WiFi and Mobile Data

The smartphones are smart because of the internet usage, but your smartphone doesn’t needs to be smart all day long. One can easily cheat on the WiFi and Mobile Data if not using them, especially during the night hours. Also WiFi and mobile data both take up a lot of power to operate and the suck the battery out. Hence one should keep a balance between the amounts of hours for which the internet is needed.

4. Keep the Charging Cycles Balanced

Another way to boost up your battery life is to charge your phone on a balanced AC cycle. Always prefer charging the phone with the charger that comes along with the phone, this will be beneficial for your phone as it comes with the specific voltage and helps the battery stay intact for a longer period of time. Also don’t charge your phone too often, this will heat up the battery and can again lead to phone’s poor performance. Hence charge your battery to 100% once in a day for better results. Avoid charging overnight, this will also degrade the battery’s performance.

5. Turn it off

Another good practice is to shut your phone completely for 15 to 30 seconds every 48 hours. This will give your battery the necessary boost up so as to revitalize the battery’s performance. This will also help to close all the apps running in the background and will also give the battery to cool down and hence improving the performance of the smartphone.
There are many more options to increase your battery life giving your phone the necessary amount of battery for an all-day long working.

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