How To Master The Bench Press?

How To Master The Bench Press?

Fitness is An essential element of a healthy and disease free life. Different people indulge in different practices in order to stay fit and active in life. Some people believe in a healthy diet while others indulge in fitness training. When it comes to fitness training even that is of multiple types. Bench press is a type of fitness training exercise that results in a well built upper body strength. The procedure to do this exercise is by lying down in supine position and pressing a certain amount of weight upward. The weight generally keeps changing from person to person depending upon strength and level of training.

Tips To Master Bench Press

If you too are willing to get into fitness and wish to know some of the secrets that will help you in mastering that bench press move, then here are some tips for you to master the same: –

Create a Grip

Grip is all that you need while performing bench presses, Not everyone is able to get that grip on the bar and only those who are able to get comfortable on the weights perform the bench press exercise in a benefitting manner.

Rest Your Feet on the Floor

As a bench press is an upper body workout, the trick to perform it well is to avoid any physical move on the lower body. Make sure that throughout this process, your feet stay in contact with the ground.

Pump up your Chest

You can achieve the same by lowering the bar to the level of your nipple and then pressing it forward. This will help you in getting a ripped and a proper built chest. Also while doing the entire rep, make sure that your chest is up. Make use of bench press aids to ensure a good posture.

Stay Head Strong

Bench press is a kind of intense exercise and you might feel sore soon after 2 to 3 reps but the key is to keep pressing harder and farther. Therefore, you should always stay headstrong while  performing this exercise. For the best results, prepare your mind beforehand about the same. The right technique to do the exercise is to keep your head in contact with the surface of the bench and to not lift it up until the entire rep has been completed.

Arch your Lower Back

If your lower back isn’t in the form of an arch throughout the entire process then there is not use of doing this exercise, it will not be fruitful. Ensure that you start with a position such that your lower back is bent even before starting with the bar. Your glutes too need to stay in contact with the bench all throughout the exercise.

There is a perfect procedure to do almost everything in life and it is the same case when it gets to exercise as well. Using these few tips will help you in nailing the workout and in attaining that perfect upper body and upper body strength as well.

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