How To Prepare Yourself For A Power Cut

If this winter is anything to go by then power cuts look like being a more likely occurrence in the future. Whether it’s all down to global warming or just freak weather conditions is debatable, however we all need to be prepared for events like this in the coming years and planning ahead will make life far easier if and when it happens again. We asked Edwardes Brothers for their top tips.

Most people already have a candle or two at home. Scented candles continue to be popular and even younger families will have a couple tucked away somewhere. They are ok in an emergency, however they are not the safest of things to have around particularly with a young family and can easily lead to a fire if great care isn’t taken. A far better option would be to equip yourself with a torch or two. Draper manufacture a reliable aluminium torch which takes two D cell batteries which will provide a good light. As a alternative why not take a look at an LED Worklight instead? As it’s magnetic it will attach to any metal surface such as your cooker hood enabling you to use your gas hob in the dark to cater for your family.

Another hands free option would be to buy a Head Lamp Torch; children will love these and think they are great fun so why not keep a couple tucked away in a drawer in case of need? They come with adjustable straps to fit any size head comfortably and can be adjusted to shine the light where it’s needed. Again Draper manufacture one that takes just two batteries and comes with a krypton bulb that is 70% brighter than a conventional bulb.

Let’s hope we won’t be needing emergency lighting again this winter, however if you are prepared then what could be thought of as a disaster could be turned into a fun experience instead.

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