How To Prepare Yourself For The D Day

Your preparation for bariatric surgery always begins a long way before the day of the actual procedure; bariatric surgeons will start by taking you through information sessions that will give you an overview of the process as well as all the information you need to know regarding the surgical procedure. As the day for bariatric treatment draws closer, the bariatric surgeon and his team will take you through important pre-admission testing that will include psychological evaluations, nutritional evaluations and medical diagnostic tests; after the tests you will discuss the results with your bariatric surgeon.

This process may be thorough but it helps to determine your candidature for weight loss surgery, identify if you have any health problems and look for ways to mitigate potential complications. Apart from the pre-admission testing, there are things that you can do personally ahead of the D-day in order to ensure a successful bariatric surgery. Some of the steps you can take personally include the following:

Stop smoking prior to surgery: Cigarette smoking is known to increase chances that you will develop long problems following bariatric surgery in India and therefore delay your healing process, increase chances of infection, reduce your capacity for oxygen, interferes with your blood flow to the body tissues that are healing in addition to increasing your vulnerability to ulcers.

Exercise: Get into a simple exercise regime such as walking for up to 30 minutes daily; this can be broken up and increased gradually as maybe necessary.

Listen to your doctors: Your bariatric surgeons will give you plenty of important information in regards to prepping for your bariatric surgery, the surgical experience, your post-operative routine, your individualized diet plan and your exercises guidelines once you leave the hospital. Your bariatric surgeon will do all these things in order to secure your best interests in terms of your physical, mental and surgical well-being.

The day of your surgery: On a typical day of your bariatric surgery you will be required to arrive in hospital at least two hours before you are scheduled to undergo surgery. Once you enter the treatment room you will change into a hospital gown and an IV will started; the bariatric surgery team will give you any medication that may be necessary before you undergo surgery. This will be followed by a short consultation with your anesthesiologist and your bariatric surgeons. Once you have been prepared you will be wheeled to the operating room for surgery; the duration of the operation will depend on the exact kind of procedure that you will be going through but it is likely to take between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Once the bariatric surgery is completed you will be wheeled to the recovery room until you wake up after which you will be taken to recover room ready to begin your weight loss journey.

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