Modern Roller Shutters

How To Protect Your House With The Help Of Modern Roller Shutters

About Modern Roller Shutters

A roller shutter, sectional overhead door or roller door is a type of window or door shutter which consists of a number of horizontal slats or sometimes web systems or bars hinged together. This type of door is lifted up to open and lowered to close. However, in case of large doors, this action may be motorized. The roller shutter system is usually installed in door and window openings to protect property, homes and buildings from aggravated burglary attempts and disturbances, wind, sun, noise, rain and any kind of damage. Aluminum roller shutters are very strong, eco-friendly, reliable and resistant to precipitation, exposure and corrosion.

Different Functions of Modern Roller Shutters

These types of roller shutters have various functions including doors for garages, vans, schools, kitchens, warehouses and prisons. In some parts of the world, roller shutters are sponsored by the local government in view of the safety of the people. In places that are frequently exposed to stormy weather, these shutters are used to protect windows from damage and as a lagging process. There are numerous important functions of roller shutters, and some of these are elaborated below:

  1. Sun protection – The foam filled roller shutters help put off heat up to 70% from coming into the house, and 60% of heat evasion out in winter season. The foam is made up of polyurethane. The modern roller shutters that are installed in the windows receive the direct heat of the sun, protecting the window glass. They give complete protection of furniture, and prevent curtains and carpeted floors from fading under the influence of the sun during the hot days.
  2. Break into protection – The main benefit of a roller shutter is to secure your office, home and shop from intruders. It protects your property in your absence. Intruders find these shutters very hard to remove as they are fitted so close to the windows and doors that they cannot be pulled away without huge effort. It is not possible for intruders to see the screws once the shutter is closed. These shutters protect your home and family members from threats such as vandalism and burglary as it is virtually impossible to open doors and windows from outside once they are closed.
  3. Noise protection – It not only controls light and privacy, but also helps in decreasing noise levels coming in from busy main roads. Rooms are therefore more silent and people can work comfortably. This is possible since these shutters are made up of aluminum profiles with foam lagging. Roller shutters can decrease noise up to 50%.
  4. Weather protection – Modern roller shutters give protection to your doors and windows against atmospheric elements such as snow, rain, wind and hail. During inclement or bad weather, they protect you from strong wind blown objects, torn branches and the like, which can cause damage or even break the glasses of doors and windows. These shutters have the capability of withstanding wind speeds of over 100kmph and are installed and manufactured to high quality standards.
  5. Privacy Protection – These shutters help maintain privacy in one’s home or apartment. It gives brilliant protection to property are especially relevant for the people who live on higher floors.
  6. Energy saving – Energy is becoming a problem as time goes by and energy saving is increasingly important. The foam filled aluminum roller shutters are used over windows and doors to keep out harsh weather conditions like heat, dust, cold and wind. An air gap is made between the window and the roller shutter when the curtain is rolled down, and this gap acts like a thermos. It helps to generate favorable temperature in the house meaning that it preserves heat during cold days and cooler air during the hot days. This helps to save energy bills up to 20%.

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