How To Repair Your Stone Retaining Wall (Repair rock retaining wall)

How To Repair Your Stone Retaining Wall (Repair rock retaining wall)

It is mainly thought that walls are interior design elements but they are also useful in landscaping . Landscaping can help define an area and provide a garden backdrop . A wall can also help in maintaining privacy .These landscaping wall can be used to retain earth after excavation for  a patio and hence they are called retaining walls .

It is important to repair the stone retaining wall in case of ant damage . If the wall is leaning and if there is a way , try to push the wall back to its place without threatening your safety and damaging the mortar joints . But that is an option when the damage is less . In case of heavy damage , the retaining wall will have to disassembled and rebuilt . You can always hire a skilled mason for that . It is important to have complete details of the number of stones used and their types to rebuilt the wall . You should also analyze the old mortar so that the new stuff you get for rebuilding your wall matches the colour and consistency .

Keep in my your budget and decide  accordingly . If the material that you used the last time does not fit in your budget this time , the stone from your retaining wall can be removed from the damaged wall and cleaned and reassembled to reuse them Repair Rock Retaining Wall These stones should be reassembled in a pattern that matches your previously existing walls . It is utmost important to  know the root cause of the damage and try to take the remedial actions this time . The wall ideally should rest on a wide footing of finely compressed stone with correct discharge at its base . It should be a penetrated PVC pipe covered in filter fabric and entombed in circular discharge stone . It should be strong enough so that once a wall stand on its new footing , it lasts forever .

To repair the damaged stone wall and the mortar joint, clean them using a wire brush to remove small element of masonry . Combine  water and dry mortar mix according to the manufacturer’s measurements in a bucket . Using a hoe to mix dry mortar and water until the mortar holds it form without falling .You should be aware of the fact that stone retaining walls rely on gravity for strength  rather than mortar . Create a mortar joint by placing a jointing tool on the mortar joint and pull it along while pressing . Now clean the cracks and insert the top of a epoxy tube –based crack of masonry filler in the crack .

Next , you have to scrub the stone wall with a scrub brush that should be in soapy water . Start at the top of the wall and scrub the entire wall . Lastly , spray water on the wall to rinse.

Follow these simple steps to rebuilt your stone retaining wall so that this time it can be everlasting .

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