How To Set Up A Stylish Home Office

How To Set Up A Stylish Home Office

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home – both part-time and full-time employees. It’s perfectly reasonable that we all want to spend our working hours in a comfortable, pleasant environment, being aware of the fact that it’s one of the most important things that will motivate us for work. If a home office is messy, dark, uncomfortable and full of distractions (such as TV or noisy kids), the productivity and the quality of the work you’re doing is likely to drop.

To avoid this, put some special effort and create an enjoyable, stylish and functional home office and treat it as a first-class accommodation – after all, you’ll be spending most of your time here. Carefully choose a room where your office will be, separate your work space from the rest of the home, make it organized, beautiful and quiet. This doesn’t necessarily requires loads of money – just a bit of time and work.

Office Desk

The desk is a central part of your office. Consider its position carefully, especially if you don’t have much space at your disposal. The L shaped desk placed against the wall (corner) is perfect for saving some space. It should be large enough to hold all working equipment you need in order (phone, computer, papers and other work-related items). Always make sure that you’re having enough space to operate. Keep your desk clean, organized and free of unnecessary items that are getting in the way. Choose a desk with as much storage space as possible and equip it with pencil and paper holders.

A Comfortable Chair

Everything else fails if you don’t have a good desk chair that will save you from back pain. This is a chair where you’ll spend the most of your time, and for the sake of your health, you need to invest in comfortable, high-quality, ergonomic chair that supports your back and prevents health issues related to long-term sitting and bad posture. Maybe your work requires receiving clients in your office, and maybe it doesn’t. Regardless – set aside one small place in the office that’s reserved for a comfy sofa where you’ll be able to relax for a several minutes or receive guests/clients.


Your desk probably won’t hold all documents and books that you need. Also, you may want to take a break reading your favorite book. If you have enough space to afford it – gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will add a stylish look to your home office. If your office is a bit crowded, you may want to consider adding some shelving above your working desk. In any case – when it comes to bookshelves, endless combinations are possible. Configure shelves so they fit your space and combine both closed and open elements for a more interesting decor.


Every space (and especially a working environment) should be full of natural light. Avoid setting up an office that resembles a„box“ – crowded, tiny space in the basement or in the attic, deprived of natural light. If possible, place your office in a room that has large windows or an exit to a balcony, which will provide you with plenty of natural light and improve your mood and motivation for work. If you work after the sun goes down, equip the office with lots of alternative lighting options – desk, overhead and floor lamps. Pick a well-designed, stylish lamp, that will brighten your space even more!

How To Set Up A Stylish Home Office


Don’t set up an impersonal office – decorate it to reflect your personality and boosts your creative spirit. Beautify your space with lots of wall art, photographs, stylish carpets, souvenirs, pinboards, etc. Also, plants are a great way to increase the aesthetics, improve the quality of air and make your office more inviting. Colors are important as well. Too much „relaxing“ colors such as baby blue will make you sleepy. A bit of green will increase your focus and reduce the stress; red is great, but only in traces or as an accent (painting one wall, for example); purple will increase creativity. Combine them with neutral ivory and tan shades and you’ll get a wonderfully stylish home office where you’ll truly enjoy spending time!

How To Set Up A Stylish Home Office

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