How To Store The Chocolates?

The love of chocolate is divine. The out of the world chocolate taste and its huge variety keep up the interest of the chocoholic. Everyone perceives that the best gift for a chocolate lover is nothing else but chocolates. We receive a lot of Christmas chocolate gift and thus piled up a big stock. Similarly chocolate craze force us to fill up our grocery trolley with different kinds of chocolates. Thus unconsciously we load our cabinets with more and more chocolates. A crazy chocolate love doesn’t want to waste a single piece of chocolate. But keeping chocolates for long can result in a change its taste. Unfortunately chocolates don’t come with instructions that how you can store them as there came with cloth and machinery for their use. So what a chocolate love can do to store them and keep them fresh?

Here are some instructions which will guide you to enjoy the last bite of your chocolate stock to taste perfect and fresh.

Keep it Cool:

Chocolates don’t like hot temperature. It has to be kept at 65-68°F, and at low humidity for staying fresh.

Don’t Store for Too Long:

It is a good idea to store the access chocolates by taking proper steps, but don’t try to save it for very long. Milk chocolate and white chocolate should be consumed within 6 months while dark chocolate if placed in favorable conditions will last for a year.

Prevent Form Fresh Air and Sunlight:

Chocolate doesn’t play well with light and air, so remember to keep them separated. You don’t need an expert to tell you chocolate melt in the sun. What’s more, oxygen and light cause chocolate to oxidize and develop undesirable flavors. White and milk chocolate are particularly susceptible because of added dairy ingredients and lower cacao content; dark chocolate is more resistant thanks to its high levels of antioxidants.

So unless you finish all your chocolate in one sitting, be sure to tightly re-wrap and store it in an airtight container or bag, away from any light source.

Prevent for Orders:

The cocoa butter in the chocolates absorbs order easily. It results in the change in taste and order of the chocolates. It’s advisable to re wrap your chocolate and place it in an airtight container always.

Refrigerate it with a Protocol:

It’s not advisable to refrigerate the chocolate, but the exception of summer is there. If you don’t find a cool place for your chocolates in the summer, it’s better to refrigerate it rather than waste it by melting.


  • The chocolate should be fully wrapped and put in an air tight container
  • When you want to consume it, let it come back to room temperaturebefore unwrapping.
  • The temperature of the refrigerator should not be very high.

Now if you buy a bulk of chocolates out of your craving or get it as a Christmas chocolate gift you will not worry how to store it. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your chocolate treasure to the last bite.

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