Importance Of Doorframe In A Door

One needs a door in their houses or shops or offices because this is solely for safety. Though doors are mainly needed for the safety yet at the same time the designs, the materials and the carvings also matter a lot. The designs and carvings though come much later; the first thing that one should focus on is the material with which the door is made.  This is because the better the material; the better it can provide protection.

It is said that doorframes also hold a lot of importance in matter of safety. Many people do not focus on the doorframes at all. All they do is the durability and the material check of the door. This is a completely wrong notion. Doorframes are the basic thing. These are the wooden structures in which a door gets fitted. If the frame is not good, then the door will not be fitted properly. If the door does not fit properly, then how hard the material be, it will be of no use. With an ill fitting, the door will fall off with a small jerk and thus it can provide no protection. Thus, people should not ignore the doorframes. They need to examine the frames very minutely before buying them. After the doorframe, one should check the door material quality and the strength of the door lock. If the frame is feeble and not fitted well, then one can easily kick down an ill fitted door and thus all the strength of the door material goes in vain.

Basic Idea of a Doorframe

Before going to buy a door frame and before selecting them minutely, one needs to know what exactly a doorframe is. It is common that doorframes are mainly wooden structures in which a door needs to be fitted well. The durability of a door frame is definitely dependable on the type of wood material used to make it and the door frame manufacturers in Delhi keep in mind so that the frames are very durable. If the wooden frame is not durable enough then the door which will be fitted into, it will face a lot of loss. Wooden frames are a very good choice and they are durable enough but sometimes there can be a bit of splintering due to outside pressure. That is why one can also go for doorframes, which are made from other materials as well.

The Types of Doorframes

The doorframes are basically of two types. There are open doorframes and closed doorframes. In case of public buildings or commercial buildings like hospitals or shopping malls (where wheel chairs or shopping carts are needed to be pulled up or rolled down) mostly open door frames are used. In case of private constructions like buildings and houses, one always goes for close door frames.

Apart from wooden doorframes, one can also use doorframes which are made of steel. They are also very durable and have a strong base. So, one has to choose wisely as per ones requirements.

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